Tool Earrings to Represent Your Trade

Tradie Tool Earrings to Represent Your Trade

For Christmas, I got the best Secret Santa present. I got tool earrings, well more specifically spanner earrings which I LOVED the moment I opened the tiny package.

tradie tool earrings spanners for plumbers

When I shared my gift on Facebook, I had a number of questions on where to get them. Hence why I’ve put this post together of tool earrings, with designs which represent a trade.

Etsy is my go-to for quirky, handmade earrings and there are some fab designs. Here are my favourites.

Spanner Earrings $12.63

tradie tool earrings spanner earrings

Spanner and Plier Earrings $12.63

spanner and plier earrings

Screwdriver Earrings $8.16

screwdriver earrings

Hammer Earrings $7.95

hammer earrings tradie earrings

Paint and Roller Earrings $39.38

paint and roller earrings

Customise Your Own Tool Earrings $11.84

customise your own tool earrings

The next sets of earrings aren’t tools, but they do relate to the electrical or plumbing trade. I had to include these ones. The electrical outlet is an American design though.

Toilet Earrings $9.50

toilet earrings

Electrical Outlet Earrings $23.60

electrical outlet earrings

Toilet Paper and Poo Emoji Earrings $22.89

toilet paper and poo emoji earrings

Toilet Paper Earrings $40

toilet paper earrings

The earrings are an ideal gift for the lady tradie or even male tradie who has pierced ears.

While they aren’t recommended to be worn on a construction site due to health and safety, they are the ideal accessory to wear to a trade event.

Tell me which tool earrings design is your favourite?

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