Before and After of Our Painted Render Home

Before and After of Our Painted Render Home

Check out the before and after photos of our painted render home. The photos aren’t professionally taken, but do show how effective new paint can be on a home.

Our 15-year-old home was in much need for a paint job.

painting a rendered home
House Before

The paint had started to fade and with render, it’s important to maintain the exterior to prevent chipping and cracks.

rendered house in need of a paint job

My dad offered to replace all our downpipes and paint our house during the winter months. This offer was a godsend because it would have taken Jacob and I months to complete during our weekends.

So when the weather became cooler back in June, dad would meet me on my driveway (after I took the kids to school) and would prep the house for painting.

Prepping a Render Home for Painting

There are a few steps involved in prepping a rendered home for painting. These were the steps my dad took.

  1. Replaced all downpipes
  2. Pressure cleaned all the walls and eaves with our Ryobi Pressure Washer
  3. Filled in gaps around windows and any cracks with sealant
  4. Prepped the floors with drop sheets
  5. Painted the eaves and Alfresco area ceiling
  6. Used a paint brush to cut in and paint the first coat of the rendered walls
  7. Used a roller to paint the second coat
  8. Walk around to make touchups with a brush

Choosing the right paint for a render home

We went with the best quality exterior paint for our home as recommended by paint professionals.

The paint needed to be hardwearing to withstand outside conditions. It needed to be easy to paint with too as painting render is different to painting a smooth plaster wall.

after paint a render home

Two years ago, Jacob and I gave our front door a bit of an update which featured in Handyman Magazine. We completed the project on a budget by painting the two columns and timber feature only, and adding pot plants and a new door mat.

front of a painted render home

The timber feature and columns got a fresh coat of paint too so it would look as new as the rest of the house.

after painting rendered columns

When choosing paint for a rendered home, ensure it is an all-weather exterior paint with UV protection and mould resistant properties.

The paint colours we chose for our rendered home were

Exterior Walls: Taubmans All Weather Exterior in Stepney

Front Two Columns: Dulux Weathershield Maxi Flex in Teahouse

Timber Feature: Dulux Weathershield in Black

The house looks new after its paint job. Cleaning the windows and pressure cleaning the roof has lifted the exterior of the house.

gardens of rendered painted home

The next project to tackle is the exterior gardens, but that can wait a bit. They are a bit ratty after the hail storm we had a year ago today! With the La Nina predicted for this summer, I’m in two minds about whether we tackle the gardens when Summer is over.

Special thanks to my dad who painted our house and did an amazing job. I’m blessed to have an amazing dad who is generous with his time and skill.

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