Home Maintenance: April 2020

Home maintenance April 2020

Not a lot of home maintenance was done in April, but I did get to tick two things off our checklist.

All the days seem to meld into one so I had to look at the photos (and their dates!) on my iPhone to work out what we got done.

Home Maintenance April 2020

Ducted Air Conditioner Serviced

This was long overdue, but it needed doing and I’m glad we got it done.

I recommend getting your air con serviced annually and the best times to do it is in Spring or Autumn.

We don’t really put our ducted on during winter as winters can be mild in Brisbane, so September is usually the best time for our service. But time and budget can push out these intentions.

The image below with the mould growth is reason why it’s necessary to get your air conditioner unit serviced annually. We were breathing that mould in! Yuck!

mouldy filter in air conditioner unit

Planted Vegetable Garden

We sorted out our vegetable garden on the Easter long weekend and all our seedlings are growing beautifully.

purchase seedlings to set up a home veggie patch

The rocket is ready to be picked for salads (and yet silly me bought a packet while grocery shopping on Saturday!)

I love eating rocket and you do need to pick it before it gets bitter.

My favourite breakfast is mashed avocado and feta on toasted bread, with a drizzle of honey and topped with rocket. IT IS THE BEST! Works for breakfast, lunch or dinner. These days, I’m having multiple meal times so it works any time of the day.

We also got some black tubs from Bunnings to plant root vegetables like onions, potatoes and carrots.

black tub vegetable gardens for potatoes

Cleaned Outdoor Furniture

While the vegetable gardens were getting sorted, I cleaned one side of our outdoor area. I’m sure I did this earlier in the year too.

black and white outdoor furniture

This area constantly requires cleaning because of the dust. The other side of our outdoor area also needs a bit of a clean and refresh. The timber setting is covered in kids paint and needs to be sanded and oiled. We will get to that project soon.

And that is all we got done in April.

I do want to say that home maintenance is an evolving process. You will finish one project and then find another to be fixed or maintained. There will be months where not a lot gets done, and that’s ok.

Sometimes time, budget and health can get in the way of getting things done around the house.

I felt April was a busy month because it was getting used to schooling needs of 3 children at home. I had to put my own freelance work on the backburner to be available to my girls. Mentally, it wasn’t a great month.

But we still got projects done and slow progress is still progress.

So while an annual checklist is a guide, don’t put pressure on yourself to get it done if the budget or time doesn’t allow for it. Prioritise what needs to get done first.

I’m glad we did our vegetable garden back in April, because 4 weeks later, look at the growth!

vegetable garden in garden beds

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Did you get any home maintenance done in April? Do you have a vegetable garden and how is it going?