6 Investments For The New Year

Investments for the new year

I love the promise of a New Year. In fact, seeing a New Year in, another Easter, another Birthday and then another Christmas is a privilege denied to many.

So when a New Year rolls in, it’s a good opportunity to think about life. To think about what made the previous year great and what can be worked on to make the New Year even better.

For 2019, I want to grow what I had in 2018. I thought I’d share these with you as maybe you can relate or they may help you as you contemplate how you’d like your 2019 to unfold. And maybe you still need time to nut out what you want for the year ahead. February could be your new January.

Last week was a trying week for me mentally. I don’t know whether it was holiday blues, that time of month or exhaustion (it could have been a combination of all three!) where I just felt down about what I do here and with my style blog. You can read the post about doubting myself here.

Nevertheless, when I sat down and thought about what I want my 2019 to look like, these are the investments I want to make.

1. Invest in my Relationship with God

I personally think this should be on everyone’s list for the year, but I also understand not everyone has the same convictions as me.

Last year, I was tenderly reminded many times I needed to Be Still and Know. Be Still and Know what? Be still and Know that God was and is in control. This was easy for me to nod my head to, but not easy for the striver in me to do. 2019 will be the year where I start each day with God. The time will be regular, but not restrictive.

Putting time aside to read, pray and meditate will bring about a calmer and more wise Bec. It will also give me clarity about next steps. And I hope it will calm my heart to truly BE STILL and KNOW that everything will work out how it should.

2. Invest in my Marriage

When I was interviewed for my job back in March last year, I was asked how my work hours would impact my family life and marriage – especially when I was juggling the work I do for my blogs and freelance writing. I advised having every Friday off would give me the necessary balance I needed. Friday nights would be designated as a date night with my husband.

Unfortunately, the date nights never eventuated despite the intention.

I intend to change that this year.

Bec and her Husband

Again, this will be hard to do when I have limited childfree hours and night times offer a chance to catch up on work. But scheduling fun and connection with your life partner is important. I’ve proven time and time again, I still meet my deadlines when I make the time for fun. Date nights will be no different.

3. Invest in experiences with Phoebe before she goes to school next year –  Plus one-on-one time with each of my girls.

This is my last year before all my children will be at school. I remember when Esther first went to Kindy and I couldn’t comprehend how I’d spend my days with all the kids out of the house at once. (I had visions of spending the day at a day spa and drinking a hot coffee in peace – I may still do this in a few weeks time!)

Having Phoebe in daycare allowed for two child free days for work and this year will be no different, although this year, she will attend Kindy and the days are shorter.

Me and Phoebe

The same free days will be available, but this year I intend to savour and enjoy those days we have together. I want to do fun things like craft workshops or head to the museum. (They are so much easier to manage with one child!)

I also want to do mummy and daughter dates with my older two. They really enjoy one –on-one time with mummy. As do I.

bec and girls

4. Invest in more experiences and less stuff

Going to America unleashed the travel bug within Jacob and I. We are determined to make the most of the kids’ 5 year passports by utilizing frequent flyer points and our timeshare.

travel more in 2019

I was amazed at how well the girls travelled – especially when on a long flight. The kids are at a good age where they remember holidays. I much prefer to invest in experiences and memories, than cluttering our home with the latest toys. Again easier said than done because I may enjoy those surprise toys cause I totally want to know what’s inside.

5. Invest in my Personal Development

Whether it’s blogging, writing or working in my part-time job, I want to make the most of every opportunity I’m given. Working has helped my personal development, but I know investing in myself by learning new skills will help with the work I do.

I enjoy blogging, but the blogging landscape has changed dramatically where blogs are no longer just blogs. They’re online stores and they offer courses to make you better at this, that and the other. I want to keep sharing what I love and what I know. I’ve got ideas for books and I hope to nut out how to produce them and sell them on the blog. I’d like to do videos too. This is an area I want to develop.

6. Invest in friendships

After reading Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon, I am determined to have more dinner parties.

whiskey in a teacup

Jacob and I used to have people over all the time, but after we had Phoebe, we were too exhausted to organise anything. Even now, the impromptu dinner date is a has been because schedules are so busy. Dinner dates have to be organised well in advance. This year, I want to do less saying ‘lets catch up’ and more booking dinner dates in the diary so they actually happen. Even one dinner party a quarter is better than once a year.

So there are my 6 investments for the New Year. I need to print the list so I can look at them daily.

What will you invest your time into this year? What are your goals for the New Year?

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