9 months in, 10 months out


Phoebe turned 10 months last week. She’s been out longer than she was in which is bizarre because didn’t I just have her? It feels like I gave birth a long time ago. So much life has been lived since her birth and there are so many exciting seasons ahead.

You often worry how a new sibling will fit in with the family. I remember having friends and bloggers comment on how a third child changes the dynamic in the family. I shouldn’t have worried with Phoebe. If anything, she’s added a new dimension to our family that we didn’t realise was missing. Esther and Magdalene have really started to enjoy interacting with Phoebe now that she’s active. And I love watching when they laugh together.

girls tickling


girls playing

But life is incredibly busy. The first 6 months with Phoebe were easy compared to now. I’ve struggled to keep on top of housework, blogging work and there are times where the relentless neediness of my girls wears me down. It’s taken a lot of self-discipline to be present with the girls during the day and then to focus on my writing at night. I know I’m not the only mum that works from home or out of home and struggles with the juggle of work and caring for little kids. I’m grateful that I’m young and healthy to be able to do what I do.

Phoebe at water bowls


Phoebe crawling

This week I’ve been convicted of being too busy and tight with my schedule. I’ve had some interesting interactions in the last couple of weeks that have prompted me to be less achievement driven and more fluid in noticing how to help other people. For example, when buying cards at my local newsagent a week ago, an elderly man asked me to read the message in a card that he wanted to purchase for his wife. He’d left his glasses at home and wanted to get a special card that contained the right words on how he felt about his wife who was celebrating her 80th Birthday. He picked up a card with the longest poem, but rather than feel put out, I was able to help him in a practical way. Even Esther and Magdalene stopped to listen as I read the love rhyme.

Yesterday when I bought sushi for lunch, the lady behind the counter asked me if Magdalene talked much because she had a daughter that was similar in age and had hardly uttered any words. I had the wisdom to stop and encourage her to take her daughter to a speech pathologist if she was really worried about her daughter’s speech.

Maggie and Phoebe

Taking time to notice people and assist them is one of life’s greatest blessings. Every one is carrying a burden and a smile or ear to listen is the best gift you can give a stranger.

If I kept my gaze on what I had to do on those days, I would have missed the opportunity to help these people. And helping them felt good. Not in proud, aren’t I great way, but in a genuine, I’m really glad you considered me to help you kind of way.

There are days where I wonder if I’ve missed something or anything. The days are flying fast and I’m trying to treasure each moment with Phoebe because she is growing at a rapid rate. I remember when I put Magdalene in this car and got a photo like this one when she was a similar age.

Phoebe in car

Life is good but each day there is a parenting struggle. At the moment it’s time. I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, but when it comes to 5pm I wish the time would go faster.

How is life for you at the moment? Been convicted of anything lately?

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