Appreciation is the best gift


Appreciation is the best gift you can give someone and I wanted to write a post today about three special men in my life.

Firstly my dad who helped bring me into existence. My dad is the person I turn to (after my husband) when I have a problem or need some advice. I value his fatherly wisdom and he always believes in my ability to do anything.

Growing up, dad was always the person I turned to when I had a pressing need or needed help working out a problem. Dad always told me how beautiful and smart I was and hearing this was foundational to my confidence as I grew up into a woman. Every girl needs a dad like my dad. A hero that believes in them and loves them unconditionally.

And then there is my wonderful husband. When dad and I would have talks about dating he advised me that I would know my boyfriend was a keeper by the way he treated his mum. If he was close to his mum, it would mean that he knew how to relate to a woman. When I met Jacob, I knew he was a keeper. Our love story has a beautiful beginning and we are still enjoying the journey being married 8 years later.

My husband, a proud daddy with his girls.
My husband, a proud daddy with his girls.

I have fallen in love with my husband all over again since having children. He is a brilliant dad and I love watching my daughters interact with him. Jacob has always been a hands on dad and has never been afraid to get his hands dirty changing a nappy. He wakes up with the girls at 6am or earlier so that I can get more sleep in the morning when I’m not working. He believes in me too and always tells me how spunky I am even though I am 20kgs heavier than when we first met…

The third man is God. He is the reason why we exist and He has blessed me with a great father and a great husband. My dad and my husband aren’t perfect but they are crucial to my earthly family. When I have done exercises about visualizing God I have no problems visualizing God as a loving, generous and gracious Father. Why? Because I have had such good manly examples of this in my life.

But there are some who don’t have a relationship with their dad or have a husband or partner that is a mediocre dad and sometimes this isn’t done on purpose. It’s often because of upbringings and a range of other issues. So when I realize how good I’ve got it, I can’t help but be thankful and grateful for what I have.

I’m going to leave you with a poem that I wrote to my dad in August 2007 for Father’s Day which he has set up in his office. Father’s Day is more than just giving a special gift to the fathers in my life, it’s about telling them how much I appreciate them and love them and that I am a better person for having them in my life.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads that read my blog. I hope you have had a special day.


What makes a Dad a Special Dad

What makes a dad, a special dad

A dad that’s so unique

Is one that imitates our Father in Heaven

Providing love and security.


What makes a dad, a special dad

Is one that fears the Lord

He teaches his children right from wrong

And does the duties to which he’s been called.


What makes a dad, a special dad

Is the one who gives of his time

To pick us up or take us out

Despite the busyness of life.


What makes a dad, a special dad

Is the one who lends us his ears

To listen to our day to day problems

Our passions, our goals, our fears.


What makes a dad, a special dad

Is the one who believes in our dreams

By encouraging and reassuring us

When we’re low on self-esteem.


What makes a dad, a special dad

Is the one who spoils us rotten

With surprises and presents, but shows restraint

So these gifts are never forgotten.


What makes a dad, a special dad

A dad that’s really unique

Is a dad that does all these things

And dad, you have been that to me.


Rebecca Senyard © August 2007