Disney on Ice Creates Memorable Moments With Your Children

Disney on Ice Creates Memorable Moments With Your Children

The first time I went to a Disney on Ice show was last year when I took the family to see Frozen.

It was a memorable experience and one I’d love to experience again with my girls. They love Disney and are Frozen fanatics. Seeing the show on ice is a memory I know they will carry with them into adulthood.

A couple of months prior to the Frozen Disney on Ice show, Esther and I were flown down to Sydney to attend a Disney on Ice Skating Session and morning tea with Shelley Craft, the Ambassador for Disney on Ice. Esther and I flew down on behalf of Be a Fun Mum. It was an incredible day and it’s one that Esther remembers well.

When I was invited to the Brisbane event to celebrate this year’s show, which is on 29th June to the 2nd July 2018, I knew I had to go. I decided it would be Maggie’s turn to attend the event. It would be our turn for a mummy and daughter date.

maggie at Disney on Ice

Maggie was so excited when I told her she’d miss school to attend the event. She remembered her sister going last year and retorted, ‘I can’t wait to go on a plane to Brisbane.’

I had to explain we lived in Brisbane and there would be no plane flight. But she would get to ice skate for the first time and meet Shelley Craft from The Block.

When we arrived, Maggie was beyond excited to get on the ice and she had no fear about giving it a go. There were professional ice skaters to help the kids as they travelled around the ice with their penguin.

Before we got onto the ice, we got to hear Shelley interview ‘Aladdin’, and he was able to show us some performance moves.

maggie waiting to go disney on ice

The event is certainly one that has been planted in Maggie’s memory bank. It has been cemented in mine too. I cannot forget the pure joy on Maggie’s face as she made her way around the ice rink.

maggie on the ice

It may have been the first time I got some momentum with my ice skating too as I got tips from Peter, who helped on the day and handed out our ice skates. If you can’t ice skate, or have never been able to get the hang of it, here are the tips he gave me to try:

1. Have your knees bent. It’s hard to ice skate with straight knees. This also helps with body balance.

2. Take smaller steps or shuffles with your feet.

3. Always look ahead, not down at the ice. The moment you look down, you will lose balance and put more of your weight forward.

4. If you feel yourself falling, don’t try to correct yourself or put your arm out to ‘soften’ your landing. This is how people injure themselves.

Thankfully there were no injuries on Wednesday. Just cold cheeks and frozen hands which could be warmed up with a hot chocolate.

maggie and I at the disney on ice

The event was a lot of fun and Maggie got to ice skate for the first time and meet someone famous, whom she thought was from House Rules.

Shelley Craft and Maggie

Shelley laughed when Maggie asked her if she was the lady from that show.

me, maggie and shelley craft

If you want to make some memories with your kids these June and July school holidays, take them to see Disney on Ice. It truly is a memorable experience and this years’ show celebrates 100 Years of Magic so all your favourite characters will be in the show – and possibly your own too.

Our ice skating session was a little teaser to the trip we have planned at the end of the year where we get to experience Disneyland together for the first time.

The Plumbette and Maggie disney on ice

Check out Ticketek for tickets and show times.

Can you ice skate? Have you ever been to see a Disney on Ice show?

Disclosure: Maggie and I were invited as guests to the Disney on Ice Skate Session and Morning Tea with Shelley Craft.