He Pulled It Off Perfectly

Pulled that off perfectly

This year has been the year for finding solutions to problems, or rather trusting God to find solutions to our problems.

This time last year, my mum was planning a family trip to America. A blessing of finances to my parents gave them the opportunity to gift us with our first overseas trip as a family.

It was always their dream to take the grandkids to Disneyland. I was excited, but also doubtful and worried about the trip. I had no idea HOW I was going to pay for 5 passports, let alone the spending money needed for food and shopping. I didn’t feel worthy of taking such a trip when our finances were tight due to a number of my invoices being paid late, or not at all.

Grandparents and girls
I LOVE this picture of my parents and my girls – this was taken in Downtown Disney

The period before Christmas and into January with back-to-school expenses can be a struggle for so many families. We were no different. We were getting over Christmas, and preparing for two kids at school, where one child would need a laptop… I just couldn’t see how we were going to afford to go to America.

But when things seemed impossible, I prayed. We all prayed.

As a family, we put God first when it came to finances – we were already doing this but we continued to do this when money wasn’t paid. We still gave. We practiced generosity to those we felt lead to give to, even when we probably could have used that money ourselves.

We were in a zone where it was no longer our resources that could be relied upon to get the solutions we needed. We needed new opportunities and to be lead to a new zone that would give us the relief we needed, while simultaneously allowing me to still do the work I enjoyed doing.

It wasn’t until a job I had been offered fell through, and work I had done didn’t get paid once again (and to this day still HAS not been paid), that I was really at my lowest point. I really didn’t know what I was meant to be doing.

Being an available mum to my children at home is important to me. This will look different for every mum. You have to trust your personal convictions, and this one is mine.  Finding work that fits in with this life has been a priority for me. I believe my work situation now is the best of both worlds.

As you know, we came back from America on Christmas Eve. It was the best family holiday we have been on. I think all of our family holidays have been awesome, but experiencing Disneyland with our kids – it was unreal. No one went without from getting what they wanted in America. We certainly had a budget, but we got more than we had anticipated with leftover cash in our wallet.

In Disneyland USA

And how exactly did this happen?

By trusting God and saying yes to opportunities as they were presented.

A new job, saying yes to new work even though it scared me, and writing and working with companies through this blog who trust what I do. Standout companies that have been brilliant to work with this year are Sleep Republic (there is a special offer for The Plumbette readers that ends 31st December 2018), Fusion-Loc, Ryobi and Abi Interiors just to name a few. Brand Meets Blog has also sent opportunities my way that have solved personal problems for my household, which I have been able to share about here on the blog.

It wasn’t until this morning, I was thinking about intentions for next year. I read this post and this verse with new clarity after going through what I have this year. I wholeheartedly agree with it and know it as truth, because I experienced it for myself this year.

He pulled it off perfectly

Life doesn’t always go to plan. In fact it rarely does. 2018 was another year of curveballs not just for me, but also close friends. They are facing 2019 differently to how they expected. I don’t have the answers to why things happen how they do, nor do I believe God is the author of these situations.

Yes, He allows them to happen simply because He gives us a free sense of will. There are always consequences to our actions (and those around us) that can impact the life we live.

If we want consequences that seek the best for others and ourselves, seeking His will always is a good place to start. If we sought God first always, there would be less actions of hate and ill intent towards others as we would see people for how God sees them.

I don’t know where you find yourself at the end of 2018, but if like me this time last year, you are worried and doubtful about a situation getting better, you need to start trusting someone higher.

Someone who has a better view to the circumstances you’re facing and can put you in front of the right people and the right opportunities, at the right time. Your situation will change. You just have to be willing to be led.

It’s the best feeling in the world when you trust God and reflect a year on and realise, Yes God, you certainly did pull that off perfectly.