I Hit a Wall This Week

I hit a wall this week

When I was doing my training with my new job, I would use the stairs to get up and down from the training room. Every morning I would race up the stairs, hoping it would work off some of the chocolate I would indulge in at 2pm, to get me out of my afternoon slump.

After my 2 minutes of stair climbing madness each morning, I would walk into the training room, with barely any breath to say good morning. My thighs would be burning, despite only going up two flights of stairs.

But I figured it was better to get that little bit of exercise in, than none at all.

One morning I was so eager to race up the stairs, I nearly smashed my face into this wall. Sometimes good intentions can hurt. Thankfully I stopped myself before I broke my nose.

hit a wall
The top of the stairwell and the wall I nearly smashed my face into.

Anyway, since I completed my full time training, I have felt exhausted. My motivation levels have been low and I’ve been more tired than ever.

I spoke with a colleague about how I was feeling and she was feeling the same way. The busyness of the 7 weeks, plus juggling our other work, and ferrying kids around here, there and everywhere, had left us feeling exhausted.

She described it as experiencing the calm after the storm, and I think she’s right.

I think I hit a wall this week and I’ve just done what I’ve needed to do to get through the week.

It’s like I’ve been running up those stairs and I’ve literally hit the wall and I’ve been feeling a little numb. While it’s been lovely to get back into the swing of things at home, I’ve felt a bit blah.

I know my energy levels will change soon. But at the moment it’s affecting how I share on the blog, to doing things around the home and even catching up with friends and family.

This past week, I did the bare minimum of what I needed to do just to get through each day. I’m hoping some early nights in bed and giving my brain a rest from everything will allow my energy levels to resume to where they were before.

The good news is I started doing my shifts from home last week.

I love working from home. I had a few technical difficulties on my first two shifts. But I soon sorted them out. I’m so grateful to be able to do what I do, from home. But while I’m grateful for the job, it hasn’t been smooth sailing on the call front.

Thursday night was my worst night, with many disgruntled customers ringing to cancel their insurance. I did my best to explain why there was an increase to their premium, but my justifications were met with “with all due respect…” and an explanation that all insurance policies were the same. Sigh.

My leader listened to me take calls this week and she told me she was impressed with the way I handled a difficult call, but she also encouraged me not to get so emotionally involved in the calls or I’d get exhausted. So maybe this could also be why I’m feeling how I am.

I want to do my best to help people. But when I can’t help them how they’d like, I feel like I’ve failed them and the company I work for.

I keep telling myself I can only do my best and heck, I’ve only been in this job for 8 weeks. I know I will continue to learn more and get better as I take more calls. I also have to remind myself, I won’t be able to make everyone happy.

let go of what you can't change

So if you’ve wondered why there has been a lack of posts this week, it’s because I’ve tried to catch my breath after an intense couple of weeks.

Hopefuly my creativity will come back in force next week. I have so much in my head that I want to share.

How have you been feeling this month? What do you do when you feel unmotivated and exhausted? Have you hit a wall this month too?

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