How to love Mondays


One of my favourite Christian authors Joel Osteen wrote a book called Everyday a Friday which gave tips on how to love each day despite it not being a Friday. Most people dread when Monday arrives because it’s the start of a new work week. I know I used to when I worked full time. And even now with Esther at Kindy, though I don’t dread Mondays quite as much, I find myself wishing it wouldn’t come so soon after a weekend.

Mondays are the start of another week of Kindy drop offs and juggling writing work and wrangling young children at home with activities that create chaos at home. Despite cleaning my house on a Friday, by Monday, the house is in need of cleaning again! I sometimes get to Monday and feel deflated by everything I need to do.

But Monday’s shouldn’t be a day of dread. It all comes down to our thinking and changing our perspective of Mondays. Here are my tips on how to fall in love with Mondays

  1. For me, my favourite parts of life are starting something new. So view the week as a new slate. Every week we are given the opportunity to start something new. Do something new on a Monday that you haven’t done before. It could be learning a new iphone app or playing a new game or trying somewhere new for lunch. Or why not start a new project or learn a simple skill?
  2. Adequately rest on a Sunday. Sharing some biblical insight here, when God created the world in 7 days, he rested on the 7th day. When man was created on the 6th day, he started his working week with rest. Sunday is technically the start of a week, so take time to rest on a Sunday. If you work on a Sunday, make Sunday night one where you relax before you work again on Monday. I think we sometimes fill our weekends with too much activity which feels like work even if it’s fun, so when Monday comes around we are exhausted and we haven’t adequately rested from the week. Learning to rest on a Sunday means when Monday comes around you will be ready to get back into work again. Hopefully.
  3. Love what you do. If you work in a job that you love, Mondays will become a sought after day. If you don’t love your job, do something small towards working your dream job.
  4. Organise a catch up with friends for lunch or dinner. Monday’s will become a day that you look forward to if you have a coffee date with someone you love.
  5. Set realistic expectations. One reason I dread Monday is because I write a massive to do list for stuff I need to get done for the week. Breaking that list down to 1 or 2 items can make Monday less busy and more appealing to enjoy.

Most of all be grateful for another day to live. If you need to give your perspective a dose of reality, read the news. It often makes me thankful I reached Monday in one piece and with no heartache.

How do you cure Mondayitis? What is your favourite day of the week?