Inspiration from the Carpenter – Don’t judge a book by its cover


When I started my last stage of Tafe for my apprenticeship, I remember surveying the blokes in my class and feeling nervous about spending 4 weeks with them in a classroom.


Most of them had been together in past classes so friendship groups had been made, which when I think back on it, was a bit intimidating because as always I was the only girl but everyone knew each other and this made that outside feeling feel worse.


I shouldn’t have been worried though because I would have to say that they were my favourite group of blokes to do Tafe with. Looks and outward behavior can be deceiving.


Most of them would have finished their apprenticeship once they completed this stage of Tafe so they were keen as mustard to get started and get it finished. As was I but for different reasons.


The class was a mixed group of guys, some were dads, some were in their early twenties going clubbing on weekends and finding themselves with different girls each weekend. No joke. The tales were told in class each Monday morning.


It was the class where I had my most deepest spiritual conversations. And where I learned that I could be a positive influence in a dark, unhappy place.


Most of the guys still left Tafe to have lunch at the topless waitress bar down the road but one particular guy who was the roughest looking guy of the lot stayed back.


One lunchtime I found him sitting at a table reading a book about end times. I didn’t know whether I should ask about his beliefs or just leave him alone. Intrigue got the better of me and so I asked him what he was reading and what the book was about.


His answer blew me away because I totally thought the book was about new age spirituality which I had little knowledge about. But the book was about Jesus return to Earth and what the Bible said would happen before end times.


We talked about what churches we attended and about family and work and what we really believed. Every sentence (on his end) was laced with a swear word, but I could see his heart as he shared with me his story.

One thing he told me that I have never forgotten was that he knew that he was rough looking and swore a lot and had experimented with things or substances that he shouldn’t have, but he had recently come to know God and knew that he had a long way to go to change and be the person God wanted him to be.

He was the last guy I thought would know God, and I realized you can’t judge a book by its cover. I was also convicted that it’s not my job to decide whether someone is a ‘right off’ when it comes to witnessing to them about God.

I know my purpose in life is to do the best I can in the roles that God has called me to fulfill and to be a witness to all who come into contact with me. There will be times where I will act ungodly. That’s me taking control of my life, but there will be times where I will relentlessly surrender to God and allow His Spirit to live through me so that I can bless every person and situation I come to in contact with, with positivity and God’s love and grace. Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone was in perfect relationship with God and went to work, loving their job and being a blessing to all?


There is more to life than accumulating possessions, fulfilling dreams and conquering life’s unexpected battles. God wants to be in relationship with all of us and He wants to use each of us to bring healing to  a broken world and to remind us that we were never created to experience Hell, we were created to live in peace and in perfect relationship with Him.


So who wants a visit from The Plumbette? I will be available and back at work next week.  I’m a plumber that fixes plumbing, listens to client’s needs and prays for them. I know my calling and I’m ready to serve.  What’s yours and how can you be a blessing this week?