Inspiration from the Carpenter – Don’t Screw People Over


I like to think that I state the obvious to some degree. There are often subjects that don’t get discussed and often they need to be so that we can learn from each other and do a self-check analysis on our own behaviour.


The world is made up of many types of people. There are givers and takers and those that practice both. I much prefer to be a giver rather than a taker. Takers take a lot of things –including people for granted, where as givers often give more of themselves – like their time, talent and money than their taker counterparts.


When you are called to be someone different, it’s important that you stay authentic to your beliefs. I don’t have enough fingers on my hand to count the many Christians I know that say they are a Christian but practice a completely different lifestyle to what the Christian life values and upholds.


I’m not one to judge. But when I am a Christian that tries their darndest (I need God’s grace everyday and admit I can’t ‘do it on my own’!) to live an authentic Christian life, it frustrates me when I see those that profess Christianity as their belief system, screw people over in business or the corporate world. Christianity is looked down upon because of the ugly acts of these ‘so called’ Christians. When you screw people over – gaining something by hurting someone else, it doesn’t win you any favours. The most humblest and ethical business leaders are the ones that are admired and respected in the workplace.


No one likes a screw-over and no one likes to be screwed over. The practice of both should not be apart of the human life. And Christians who have the spirit of God living in them know better than to fall under the deceiver’s wing. Screwing people over is part of the devil’s scheme, it’s certainly not part of Gods.


Jesus never screwed people over. He won them over with His love and amazing acts of compassion and mercy. Unfortunately mercy and compassion aren’t part of the professional etiquette in our society.


No one is perfect. And God knows Christians are human and have an inability to be pure (Praise God for the cross!), BUT if we proclaim to live by a higher standard with our Christian values, we MUST ensure that each day we open our hands and hearts and allow for God to fill us with his goodness so that we don’t fall prey to the enemy’s schemes.


We will fail. There will also be times of ignorance too where we won’t have known that we have hurt someone else for our better gain. But the moment we find out or we are made aware of our ill behaviour, apologies should be made and the situation should be made right.


My message today is don’t screw people over. Allow God’s presence to live within you daily so that the enemy’s plans to defame the Christian message are screwed.


Psalm 101:7


“No one who practices deceit will dwell in my house; No one who speaks falsely will stand in my presence.”