Inspiration from the Carpenter – Enthusiasm breeds Joy


When I was studying a Diploma in Business Marketing at Martin College ten years ago, I remember going to the lunchroom first thing on a Monday morning and running into one of my class mates who stumbled back when he saw my face. He exclaimed, ‘Bec you have the face of Jesus Christ on today. You’re so bright and beautiful, what the f#@% did you do on the weekend?’

I was taken aback by his greeting.  I took it as a compliment and I was bewildered because I knew this guy wasn’t religious, he wasn’t on drugs or hung over and how did he know what Jesus looked like?

I asked him what he meant and he couldn’t explain why he said what he said but the remark made me feel good all day and I still smile when I think about it now.

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if everyone always had a smile on their face and had such infectious joy in their heart that it would be a pleasure to be in their presence?

Wouldn’t it be great if our workplaces, construction sites, schools, colleges, shopping centers and wherever people are being served or getting served have this sort of joy?

Enthusiasm breeds joy!

Nothing gets a smile quicker to my face when I get served by someone who generally loves their job and does well at it. The flight attendant that goes above and beyond when serving you inflight, or the checkout chick who’s keen to hear about your day and assists you with putting your bags in the trolley without being asked. They are finding joy in the mundane and their choice to be enthusiastic despite their job title not only warms my heart, it encourages me to do the same in my field of work.

Back to my days studying at College, I loved studying business and marketing. I was in my zone and it aligned with my strengths and my spiritual gift of administration.

I constantly hear that we should all be working our dream job. But in reality, everyone’s dreams are different. One’s dream job may be a certain career, while another dreams of being  a stay at home mum while doing a bit of part time work to bring in extra income. At the end of the day we all need to know our dream, accept what it is that we are wired to do and do it enthusiastically and to the best of our ability.  Don’t judge what others do. Just do what is right for you.

Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.