Inspiration from the Carpenter – Generosity makes a Statement


In the small business world I keep hearing the same thing ‘work is slow’ or ‘demand has dropped off’. Various reasons have been given as to why demand for business hasn’t been so great of late, the most common being the upcoming election.


It has been a hard economic time for a lot of families for the past couple of years. Charities have had a difficult season in providing for the mass number of needs within our community and donations have dropped. When you watch the news at night about the state of finances around the world and how it will impact Australia, it promotes enough fear for companies and individuals to tighten spending and put away money (if they are in fact making any) for a possible recession.


It’s important to prepare for hard times. Even God advises to put away for seasons of drought (Proverbs 30:25). But hoarding money out of fear is not what God intended for any of us. Being generous is part of God’s heart and we often view God as stingy, but the reality is he owns all that we have and desire. What I have learned is that part of the release of His blessing on us and on others, is when we follow His heart and bless others by being generous.


As you know, I have just had a baby 7 weeks ago (crazy how time flies!) and I haven’t worked since November. Our family budget is tight! But we have been able to maintain our financial commitments to support 2 sponsor children in Africa, our regular tithe to the church (which enables the church in providing vital services and ministries to the local and global communities) and we have been able to donate money and toys to overseas charities that are close to our heart like Samaritan’s Purse.


I’m not boasting about what we do, but what I do want to reveal is that by trusting God with our finances and being generous to others, we have not gone without and in fact, we have been blessed in unexpected ways. Some of those ways were winning competitions where I won visa debit cards or Woolworths vouchers that could be used to buy groceries.


The point of this post is not to encourage you to give and then expect God to bless it back to you. The point is that generosity makes a statement to the community and to God that you trust Him with what you receive and while you don’t see where your money goes once it’s in the hands of a Charity, you can be assured that it has helped meet a need to the less fortunate in our community.


When I receive a gift, I want to show my appreciation by blessing the giver. How much more so, will God look out for those that give to others?


Proverbs 11:25 A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.