Inspiration from the Carpenter – Don’t allow your heart to get hard


God designs and creates all types of people. I find it amazing how different we all are to each other. What blows my mind even further is that God is still creating new individuals every day. God is very creative.


God gave each of us a heart and the feelings attached to our heart can sometimes take a beating from worldly pressures, burdens and life in general.


Don’t allow your heart to grow hard or cold. The disappointments or hurts we experience have a tendency to harden our hearts and draw us to a place where we make rash decisions and cause more hurt. Hurting people hurt each other and desperate people make desperate decisions – often with catastrophic consequences.


A soft heart understands that hurt and disappointment was never part of God’s plan. A soft heart is tough because it has the ability to forgive, yet has the wisdom to move on and not allow the grievance to become a heart hardener.


If you find that you react to certain situations without compassion, or that you hurt family and friends with your words and actions, it may be time to reflect on the state of your heart and find the root of the problem.


Often what is needed is a change of some sort. Don’t be afraid to make changes if they benefit the state of your heart. Such decisions often need to be made to make a breakthrough in your life.


For me, I have seen the affects of a hardened heart within work colleagues and family members. They are not easy people to deal with and nor are they easily liked by others. How do you react to a hard hearted person? Love them and pray for them. And pray for wisdom and protection of your own heart as you interact with them. Your love and actions could be the catalyst for a change in their heart.


Proverbs 28:14 “Blessed is the man who always fears the Lord, but he who hardens his heart, falls into trouble.”