Inspiration from the Carpenter – Remaining Positive in Difficult Times


Remaining positive in hard times can be difficult. At the moment in the construction industry it is has been very quiet. I’m blessed not to be the breadwinner in our family, but there are other families doing it tough financially because their hubby is the main income earner. Sadly, work is price driven and loyalty no longer has a say. There are a lot of tradies working literally for nothing to keep busy, but they don’t realize that they are dis-servicing the industry by working for cheap prices and will eventually go broke in the process.


How do I remain positive in times when work is scarce? I pray and remember the times God has blessed me when I didn’t expect it. If God can bless me unexpectedly in good times, He certainly can do it in not so good.


For me, the last few months – since the end of June have been very quiet. I know it has been the same for a number of companies in the industry. But I pray, and I have continued to tithe and donate to charities where I have felt led and our family has not gone without.


My dad always taught me ‘when you honour God, He will honour you’, and I believe it because it has been true in my own life.


If you are in a difficult financial position due to lack of work or if you have recently lost your job, take heart. God knows what you need before you pray it. So why pray? Because praying to God about your needs shows you have faith in Him and that He has the power to provide what you need.


Think positively too. Rather than looking at your circumstances and feeling ripped off, be excited about the possibilities of finding a new job, starting a new business or even thinking outside the square with your own business to bring in more money.


Earning money isn’t easy. When you start your own business, you realize that it can take a while to build up momentum to earn a dollar and often there are good times and not so good times. Ask God for wisdom and direction in this area.


Philippians 4:19 “And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”


Matthew 6:8 “For your Father knows what you need before you ask Him”