Inspiration from the Carpenter – Too Busy Being an Influence


It amazes me the number of different people that read my blog. I went to a party on the weekend and found out an 18 year old girl reads my blog. If she’s reading right now, you are highly valued and knowing that you follow my blog made my heart smile. Really.


I also met a new person at the party that remembered reading about me in the Q Weekend (A QLD magazine in the Saturday issue of the Courier Mail) and had heard good things about me from another tradie. I was touched.


I walked away from the party feeling really high in spirits and then it hit me that not only was I being read about, but I was also being watched and the two have to walk hand in hand if I want to be seen genuine in my role as a plumber and a blogger.


The words go-getter and hard worker have always been used to describe the way I work. I don’t like to sit still. (Unless I’m in a day spa!) I find it hard to watch TV without checking twitter or Facebook, or folding washing or doing something!


The only problem with that is being too busy can stop me from enjoying the simple pleasures in life and I know work can constantly plague my thought life and stop me hearing from God.


While I haven’t heard God’s audible voice in my life, I have had God speak directly into my life through teaching or the bible or through a devotional. I don’t believe in coincidence in reading or hearing things at the right time. I know that God is a gentle leader and will only speak to us when we are ready to listen.


Take last week as an example. I am currently running a giveaway for Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Products. While emailing the details about running the giveaway, the media contact from Bosisto’s asked me for my media kit which is a resume about my blog that details what my blog is about and gives statistics on readership and followers via Facebook and twitter.


I wrote up my media kit last Wednesday night and when I was typing the numbers onto the screen, they were dismal in comparison to other bloggers on the internet. I felt down and disappointed with my results and almost felt embarrassed to type the media kit up in the first place.


I went to bed telling my husband how I felt low about the statistics and was frustrated that some things I had experimented with on my blog hadn’t brought in the readers or the ‘likers’ as I’d hoped.


The next morning, I read a Joyce Meyer devotional.  I hadn’t read the reading from the day before so I read it on Thursday morning and I wish I had read it the previous night!!


Joyce Meyer shared her experience of the years when her ministry didn’t grow as fast as she had liked it to. She fasted and prayed and tried EVERYTHING to get more people to attend her conferences. It seemed everything she did to make her ministry business grow, had little impact on her numbers.


In her frustration and confusion she prayed to God about it continuously and felt He wasn’t answering her prayers until one day He spoke to her and said “Joyce, I am teaching you that man does not live by bread alone”.


These same words were spoken to the Israelites when they were travelling to the Promised Land. The Israelites thought God would take them straight away to the Promised Land, but instead, lead them through a desert at a slower pace than they expected and the experience was to humble, test and prove to them about God’s Sovereignty.


This reading spoke to my heart and reminded me that God wants to be my first priority in life. He also needs to be the captain steering the ship, not the wheel being spun.


He placed the dream in my heart to write this blog so the numbers actually don’t matter. What matters is that I’m doing God’s will and when I put Him first the numbers will come eventually.  I just have to do my part and allow Him to do His.


So my encouragement to you is that where ever you work, if you are frustrated with lack of business, new clients or new sales, commit the concerns and frustrations to God and ensure that He has the first priority in your heart. We can know in full confidence that His plans are always right and His timing is impeccably perfect.

Deuteronomy 8:3

Man does not live by bread only, but man lives by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord