Inspiration from the Carpenter – Birthing Pride Unplugged


Tomorrow I’m having a baby! It’s quite surreal as I receive SMS’s and emails letting me know that I am in the thoughts of my clients and friends as I go into hospital tomorrow.


I know some women would prefer to keep the delivery date and way they are giving birth a secret, but I’m happy to let people know because the more people that know, the more prayer I’m going to be covered in when I am wheeled into theatre to have my caesarean.


Lately I have been reading birthing stories (as you do when your due date gets closer and closer!) and I have found a number of women who have had caesareans feel that they are a failure because they couldn’t give birth naturally. I don’t relate (nor do I judge those that feel that way). Natural birth is the perfect scenario (with the drugs!!) but I’m pretty open minded about what’s best for me. I don’t feel like a failure. In fact, I feel pretty awesome that I’ve managed to work as a plumber up until 36 weeks. This Plumbette ain’t too posh to push nor scared of  judgement delivering via the ‘sun-roof’ method.


When I had Esther (my first daughter) she was in a breech position so I had to have a caesarean. It was great. I did have a reaction to the morphine and the epidural did hit a nerve (only slightly PRAISE GOD!) in my spine prior to the operation, but the days following the operation I felt awesome. I’m looking forward to feeling like that tomorrow because the insomnia and uncomfortable weight of the last days of pregnancy have made it nearly impossible to sleep.  I have elected to have another caesarean purely because that’s what has been recommended to me and after weighing the options, I’m at peace with my decision.


Why is there so much pressure about how we as women give birth? Healthy mum, healthy bub is what my doctor explained to me. There will always be talk about women who have given birth naturally without drugs and good on them. I’m not envious at all. But then there are those stories of women who gave birth naturally, didn’t get the epidural and are scarred by their experience.


A lot of judgement on women on how they give birth is sourced from pride. It’s time to unplug the pride and boasting! Women should be proud about whichever way they give birth, but it shouldn’t be a status contest on who did it better because it was ‘natural’ or done ‘ the way God intended it to be’.  It’s a time to be real, stop the comparisons and know that giving birth can be a beautiful experience with or without the drugs or intervention. At the end of the experience  you still get the same result – a beautiful little baby and THAT is something to be proud about.


Proverbs 13:10 Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.