Inspiration from the Carpenter – When my thought life came crashing down to reality


I haven’t written an Inspiration from the Carpenter post in a little while and it’s not because I haven’t had anything to blog about. It’s because I’ve had to process what I have been learning myself and apply it to my own life. I’ve also been busy with my daughters.


This last week was a bit of a full on week. My parents went to New Zealand for a short break, my husband went away for work for two nights and my daughters were both fighting colds which meant my 3 month old was waking every 1-2 hours in the night for comfort feeds which exhausted me. When you don’t have support around you, you can feel emotionally and mentally drained because there is no one to really help ‘carry’ the load or take over.


I was exceptionally happy when my husband came home and all three of us missed him. He is a vital component to our little family and I take my hat off to the single mothers or the mothers whose partners spend time away from the family home due to work. I have spoken to some mums who are in this situation presently and they said they do what they have to do to keep the family functioning.


The work/life balance topic has not been a stranger in my blogs. I struggle with it like any other human being. My thoughts while my husband was away were about our finances – wanting to get ahead and how we would save for our next car. Then my thoughts travelled to how we could spend more time together creating memories rather than getting lost in the ‘chores’ of life that often need to be done on a weekend because that’s the only spare time we have to get things done.  It’s so much easier to clean the house when my husband is home entertaining the kids, but it also eats away at time that could be spent together doing something fun.


I’ve read the posts and articles about spending more time with your family and not as much at work but this doesn’t happen when you run your own business. And let’s face it, when you are employed, flexibility isn’t really an option. Some companies offer it but seldom few.


So with my thoughts tumbling around my head while tending to my two sick daughters, my thought life came crashing to a halt when I read and heard the terrible story of a baby boy being flushed down a toilet and rescued from a sewer pipe in China.


How could a mother do this to her child? I wonder what her thought life was before she placed that newly born baby into that horrible open hole toilet  to be flushed away. She simply wanted to ‘flush’ away the problem. Suddenly my thoughts about finances and spending more time together as a family became almost a futile luxury.


We really are doing alright. In fact we all forget how amazingly blessed we are.


I didn’t want to read or hear about that story of the baby but I’m glad I did because it broke through my thought life and gave me a huge reality check that life isn’t just about making sure we are blessed. It’s about sharing that blessing with others when and where we can. It’s about being a support to organisations that need our help in preventing such horrific acts that are made out of desperation by people who have nowhere to go.


Following on from this terrible news story which shocked the world I came across another article of a Pastor in Korea who started a Drop Box initiation for babies abandoned by their mothers simply because they are not wanted or because they have a physical or mental disability. Here is the link to this story.


Here is a Pastor that saw a need and provided a solution for a devastating problem in his country. I’m not saying that we all drop our bundles and start life changing work, but instead broaden our spectrum of focus to the hurting world and ask ourselves what can we do to assist people in need?


God’s love shines brightest when we love others because God is love and love is what compels us to donate our time and/or money to initiatives that move us most.


So my encouragement to you this week is to appreciate what you have and think about ways that you can bless others. You will find that you will be a whole lot happier for it and your thought life will change from ‘how’ to ‘what and when?’


“I’ve found that worry and irritation vanish into thin air the moment I open my mind to the many blessings I possess.” Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) American author and Lecturer


1 John 4:7 “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.”