Let’s Not Jump Into the Sewer of Defeat

sewer of defeat

The sewer of defeat is easy to jump into when life turns to crap.

Let’s be honest, it really has been a horrifying and scary time to live in. And with it piggy backing off domestic violence horrors, floods, bushfires and personal worries and health issues (whatever they may be), 2020 could be described for many as the year from hell.

coronavirus meme 2020

The unknown impact does concern me. While I have my faith and I still believe God is sovereign, I am also very human and there have been more than a few occasions where a few WTF’s have been uttered to God in disbelief at each breaking news segment.

But while I’ve been consuming the news online and wanting to be in the know on all things coronavirus, I’ve also been reminded to practice gratefulness. My current position requires wise stewardship because even though I haven’t lost my job, I’m in a position to be able to help others who are unemployed and are scared about their future.

I am grateful I can self-isolate in a home where I have water, electricity and internet. I have a job I can work home from as does Jacob.

Our girls are going to learn new life skills while in home-isolation. I do have the ability to shape their memories during this time. There will be fights – I have no doubt. But the extra time spent with my girls during the day will have purpose, despite the upheaval of their normal routines.

new routines with kids during pandemic

My heart aches for those who aren’t in a similar position. For those who have lost their homes in bushfires or recent floods. For those who are displaced and have had to isolate in tents or temporary accommodation. I can pace my house from the kitchen to the bathroom or from the front door to the back for exercise, but for those in a tent, that’s not possible.

I’m also concerned on how the most vulnerable in our world will be impacted by this virus. In the slums of Bangladesh, where the predictions of loss of life are heartbreaking to comprehend.

Comparison is not a reaction to adopt right now, but gratefulness and concern for the needs of others certainly is.

As the news gets dire, as people share how they have lost jobs and incomes, as the complaints come through over what the government is and isn’t doing, as the fears mount on how businesses will survive and if the family home will be lost, let’s not jump into the sewer of defeat.

If you are in a position to help others, then help. And if the needs are overwhelming around you, start with your family and your neighbours. This is what I’ve been doing. I’m a practical person and want to step in and make something happen for everyone affected.

But the needs are so great. I have felt rendered useless. But sometimes the only thing that can be done is to be a listening ear via social distancing or social media.

If everything around you feels like it’s crumbling, here are my personal suggestions to adopt. I’m not a pastor or a psychologist, just a person using all she’s been taught and knows to share some thoughts.

1. Acknowledge your feelings are valid

If you are upset, angry, scared, disappointed – whatever the emotion – cry it out or talk it out. The feelings are valid during upheaval.

2. Praise God

God is always for you and not against you. Praising during the valleys will lift your spirits and change your heart.

3. Pray for eyes that see and a conscience willing to hear where God leads

This one is important. Eyes that see allow you to see where you can pivot to help others. When you see a cry for help on social media, reach out. If a person’s name is laid on your heart, send them a message or a letter. If you are in a financially secure position and can help others affected, this is the time to practice generosity. Extravagant generosity. Spend with local small business. Turn browsing into online shopping.

4. Don’t recruit others to your pity party

Did you know you can tandem jump into the sewer of defeat by offering a hand to someone else and jumping in together? Why not be the hand that drags someone out. Let’s get out of the darkness. It’s easier said than done, but the two previous points will certainly help you get into a position where you can lift someone UP.

5. Speak life into dreams, don’t speak out predictions of failure

Always speak positivity. If you have thoughts of negativity like

‘I’m going to lose my house to this.’

‘We will never recover from this loss of income.’

‘I’m going to lose my job.’

‘I’m a failure and should have had more money in the bank to prepare.’

Or whatever it is, don’t SPEAK it out. Speak out what you want to see happen instead. Read your bible instead. This verse has been of great comfort to me during this time.

trust in the lord Quote coronavirus

6. Always believe the best is yet to come

Some of the most amazing times of my life have occurred in the valleys of my life. While it won’t feel like it right now, a new business idea will take hold, new passions will be discovered, the impacts of a busy life will be reversed due to a calmer lifestyle.

I’m looking forward to reading new books, listening to new songs and even holding new babies because they were all conceived during this time of upheaval.

On a personal front, I want to say thank you for reading my blog. You may not share the same beliefs as me, and that’s ok. I still appreciate you all the same for coming to read.

I’ve changed my work load to say yes to some things and no to others to manage the lifestyle changes needed due to COVID-19.

The content on The Plumbette is going to continue. I will journal a bit of what we get up to during these days. I was also reminded that it’s being catalogued by the Australian Library so the posts during this time are going to make future history.

God bless. xx