My experience at the Colour Conference


I can’t believe this time last week I was in Sydney. I thought I’d share my experience at the Colour Conference.

I didn’t know what to expect, but the moment I walked through the doors to the main auditorium I knew that I was going to something special. The conference was one of the best ones I’ve been to.  I returned home with new eyes to my life and all that intertwines it.

Here is a list of the things I learned or was given motivation to put into practice. They are in no particular order.

  • The conference confirmed that our move to our new church was the right one and exactly where our family needs to worship.


  • The dreams in my heart and in every woman’s heart were put there for a reason. God wants them to come into fruition. They weren’t put there by accident.


  • We all have a platform where we can bless others. We should not be comparing ourselves to each other, but celebrating each other’s strengths and appreciating them. This is also necessary with women in the same occupation or industry that we work in.For my blogging friends, this is an especially important note for you. Sometimes we can get too hung up about trying to differentiate our blog from others and we feel boxed in by our blogging persona online, but your blog (and mine) is our own little bit of cyberspace that we own. Share what’s on your heart and don’t fall into the comparison or competition trap. Forget how many Facebook likes or Twitter followers you have and focus on producing your best writing. The reason most blogs start is to communicate with others so don’t fall into the competition trap. If one person relates or is encouraged by what you have written, your blog is worth the time invested into it. Let’s remember to encourage each other too and not pull anyone down.


  • There are some sick things happening in the world around us and it’s not enough to be aware. We need to be called into action by praying specifically about sex slavery and human rights issues and do something like donate or raise money to mobilise organisations that have been given the go ahead or authority to put a stop to these despicable acts.


  • God doesn’t love us equally. He loves us uniquely and individually.


  • The Bible is not a ‘manual for living’ it is ‘God’s revelation to us’.


  • I have a new hunger for reading the bible because I want to hear from God and I want to share what I hear with others. But God can also speak to you too. He has no favourites.


  • I need to interact with my local community and with my neighbors.


  • I loved how the Conference was focused on equipping women to be their best and use their skills to bless others in their zone of influence.


Here are the interesting and funny things that happened on the trip.

I smelt fart a lot on the way down to the Conference and at the Conference itself. You may laugh at this, but for a pregnant woman whose sense of smell is STRONG, those farts smelled like they had been blown into my face. I blame my dad for this though. While mum was driving me and three other ladies to the airport last Thursday morning, dad rang to wish us a good flight and told us to behave ourselves. He ended the call by saying one last piece of advice to me ‘Bec, don’t fart’.

You see, my poor dad had been the victim of my pregnancy flatulence when I worked with him. Flatulence during pregnancy is normal. I blame the squatting up and down, turning off water meters or bending underneath sinks because it obviously created bubbles in my bowel. There were times where I would hold on and release away in the safety of the ute. So the advice was tongue in cheek, but it was almost prophetic.

But the smells I smelt were none I dealt. The first smell was in the business class area of the plane. We were waiting for the doors to open so we could exit the plane and someone dropped their guts. No matter where I turned my head, I couldn’t find fresh air. My mum muttered as we walked off the plane “ and that’s what happens when you order the cannellini bean soup” which was one of the lunch items on the business class menu.

The next time I smelt fart was in the Conference itself and I may have said ‘God Almighty’ and covered my nose when I smelt it and yes I was at a Christian event but the smell was putrid and the profanity slipped from my tongue.  Sorry God for taking your name in vain. I hope you’ve sorted a new bowel system in Heaven.

Anyway, the best parts of the conference were running into friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. There were 10,000 women at the conference and I held little expectation to see women I knew. But every person I wanted to say hi to, I got to see.  I was grateful that I got to catch up with one particular close friend that I hadn’t seen since Christmas. She’s one of my biggest fans and gives the best wisdom. It was quite ironic that we ran into each other as we walked out of the bathroom. We got to spend some quality time catching up before the first session of the day. My poor mum worried about me when I didn’t sms her to let her know what I was doing. She’d thought something had happened to me in the toilet.

I didn’t realize how competitive women were in saving a seat at the conference. This part was probably the part that disappointed me most because we were Christian women and yet some women left their grace and manners at the door. Every woman was given a coloured arm band and each colour represented when you could get priority seating so that everyone would have a turn at getting a good seat. My mum and I had pink bands which were given priority seating on the Saturday morning. We lined up behind the doors and when the doors opened, it was like the Myer sales had started and women madly pushed and shoved their way through the doors to get themselves and their friends a good seat.

I asked for a bit of a perimeter around me and my bump as we hurried through the doors and I had one woman cling to my arm for life saying “I’m hanging on to you” thinking that the women around me would let me and my pregnant state through. No such luck. I waddled and got pushed up the stairs and thankfully my friend was able to save some good seats ahead of me. Every seat in the auditorium as actually a good seat. The presence could be felt anywhere you sat so there was no need to be huffy puffy about getting a seat.

But that would have to be the main negative part of the conference. The humility of the leaders and speakers at the Conference was inspiring and I walked away feeling like an equal, not like ‘us and them’.

I learned so much that mum and I booked ourselves to go next year. I will have a bub in tow but I’m acting in faith that this bub will be breezy like my other two.

Have you ever been to a Conference where the teaching blew you away? What Conference was it?

I’m linking up with With Some Grace for Flog Your Blog Friday. And if you are at the Digital Parents Conference, have an amazing time! Looking forward to reading your tweets and blog posts after the event. 🙂