My Wealth Is In The Cross

wealth is in the cross

This time two years ago, I thought I would have to close my blog down and start again.

When you win awards, and your blog name becomes part of your identity, it was a big task to consider. I really didn’t want to give up my blog.

A lot of tears and a lot of prayer went into working out how I was to protect my blog name so that it could remain as it was.

The blog has been my online diary of sorts since from before I had Maggie.

In the beginning the posts were all technical. From changing tap washers to explaining what dad and I did in a day, some of those earlier blog posts were boring as bat crap.

female plumber
Me, Dad and Esther posing after a day of work on the tools

For a year I had a handful of readers. And then in 2013 I discovered blog linking parties and would start to link my blog to get new readers. And from there, after consistently writing, and learning about SEO, I gained even more readers and it has grown into a site I’m proud of, but always willing to improve because it’s always evolving because I’m always evolving.

The Plumbette has seen me go through many changes, and even though I’m not on the tools, I still believe The Plumbette can be used as a tool to provide a positive influence.

bec on tools wealth is in the cross

One morning, early this year, I woke up at 2:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. In those moments when I can’t sleep, I head to the computer and write a blog post or two, but I headed to my bible and prayed earnestly about direction in my life. Where was my blog headed? What was the point of all that I did? Was I supposed to get back on the tools? Was I focusing on the wrong type of work? Why wasn’t being a wife and mother enough? Should it be enough?

I grabbed a pen and paper and without even thinking about what I wrote, I felt God speak this through to me.

You weren’t called to unblock toilets. You were called to unblock hearts. Use the gifts I’ve given you to mould hearts to me. Weld broken spirits. Offer bolts of wisdom when people have screwed up their life. Be the hammer that pushes through the darkness and allows the light in.

It reads a bit deep. But after reading what I wrote, I felt encouraged that I was on the right track.

Things became instantly clearer for me.

You see when I started The Plumbette, I had no idea where the blog would take me. I always wanted the blog to focus on God and his divine plan for all our lives as well as be inspiration for budding future tradies – especially the female tradies that were looking for motivation to keep going. As I’ve grown and changed though, so has the blog. I share more about my life as a mother, than plumbing these days. But I believe whatever path we choose to take, there will be distractions and problems that will deter us from where we should be.

I cried many tears about the blog, worried about what I was going to do if I were to shut it down.

Yet, I realized it was a crown that I had to lay down at the cross. And so I did.

The moment I was willing to give up the blog and release the emotions of it being mine, God saw my heart and intervened to ensure it wasn’t lost.

Resurrection Sunday is a wonderful reminder that what may seem lost, is actually for our benefit. I’m forever grateful for what Jesus did for me. An event that looked completely hopeless, was in fact a miracle of restoration taking place.

One of my favourite worship songs is called Crowns. And the chorus starts with ‘my wealth is in the cross’.

And I have been reminded as I’ve sung this song that my wealth is not in what I do. It’s not in the crowns (or identities) I wear. My wealth is tied to what happened on the cross. Jesus is everything to me.

First and foremost, God created me to have a relationship with Him. The cross fixed what was broken because of sin.

We put so much thought into who we should be and what we should do (and look they are important questions to ponder), but we don’t put enough consideration into why we were created and what God-given dreams and plans He has for our life.

When we realize we were created for God’s pleasure and to be in relationship with him, the pressure to be ‘something’ is no longer important.

If life has a plot change, we can be assured that God’s hand is with us and He can turn what was meant for our loss, as our gain. When our sense of ownership of what is ours is surrendered – we see ourselves as stewards of the gifts and blessings God gives us. Sure they take work to manage, but whatever happens to them is ultimately in God’s hands.

I know without a doubt that when we are in close communion with God, He directs our steps and His plans are always bigger than what we can comprehend. And when we start something God has called us to do, we need to continue what we started. Even when the road gets difficult.

For some of us, we know deep inside where we should be, but sometimes we are just too afraid to go for it. Or we talk ourselves out of God’s plan. Or we are completely oblivious to His plan. A great preacher from my church once taught, there are many successful people in this world, but not many that bear good fruit. If there is no eternal value to what we do, what is the point of what we do?

So this Easter, instead of stressing about specifics in my life, I’m going to hand over the many crowns I wear over to Him. This is easier said than done.

My question to you is what crowns are you holding? What is stressing you out at the moment? Are you holding onto something that you need to let go? Are you willing to lay down all your crowns if Jesus asks you to? Are you willing to get to know Jesus?

What a remarkable thought that after God created all the wonders of the world, He still created you so He could know you personally? Even after disobedience, God still did what was necessary to restore us to himself.

It’s our choice what we choose to believe

It’s my prayer that whatever is burdening you at the moment, you can pray about it and ask for God’s divine hand to work in your life. Resurrection Sunday is an encouraging reminder for us all that miracles can happen in the darkest of moments.

Hope you have a blessed Sunday. x