My wife the tradie


This is a guest post from my husband Jacob. I asked him to write a post to help me out while I enjoy my time with Phoebe. Some of you got to meet him at Problogger. Here’s your chance to meet him online.

A formal hello from Mr Plumbette. I’m not often called Mr, but I’ve recently taken charge of our office tuck shop so now I’ve inherited the title of Mr Tuck Shop.

Some of you have seen me through various photos Bec has shared online. Bec got me to write a post about what it’s like being married to a female tradie.

I get such a kick when I tell someone for the first time what Bec does for a job. To see that instant shock usually followed by positive comments on how awesome that is. I then proceed to rattle off all the other things Bec has her hand in which continues the sense of shock. It must be the sense of pride that I can’t stop talking about what she does.

I guess you could say our jobs are a reverse on traditions as I work in an office, but in saying that, at home I focus on the outside work and Bec focuses on the inside. But as most of you know, when you have kids, not everything goes to plan so the inside really needs to be a joint effort.

I must say it’s been rather handy having a plumber at home being able to fix our plumbing issues or confidently dealing with other tradespeople that come to our house to do other maintenance.

It’s also cool to come home and hear of her days as she would detail the challenges and funny moments she encountered during the day.

Now that Bec is at home with our girls, it’s been less plumbing stories and more about what the girls have been up to.

Some of the hardest times I’ve had as a supporting husband was when she went through Tafe for the simple fact that I was helpless. I couldn’t go fix the problems she was struggling with as all good men try to do – fix the problem. (I saw a Youtube clip recently which portrays it perfectly).

In the end I’m glad I didn’t intervene because Bec emerged at the other end stronger. She has greater self-confidence, a great sense of inner courage and a determination to rival anyone which has been reflected in the industry awards she has won.

The most asked question I’ve been asked recently after telling people we’ve had our third girl is ‘Are you going to try for a boy?’ My answer is that we are happy with three. Part of me would love to have a boy (the whole leaving a legacy through my name) but when you consider the cost of lifestyle, schooling and the fact you already have 3 healthy kids, I can confidently say I’m a content man. And with Bec as my wife, why wouldn’t I want to have all girls with such an inspiring mum.

So in finishing, I say thanks for reading and supporting Bec with her blog as this community means a lot to her. It’s an honour being married to Bec (We have our 10 year wedding anniversary next year) and supporting her with her endeavours both now and in the future.

Does your partner work in a non-stereotypical job? How does it work with your family life?

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