New Year, New Possibilities


Happy New Year to you.

It’s a new year with new possibilities.

I’ve taken some time to enjoy being with my family this last week during the Christmas and New Year’s public holidays. It’s been wonderful to spend time together which sounds crazy because don’t I spend every day with my girls? I do, but it’s nice to have Jacob home to help me and share the constant attention our little girls require and request from me on a daily basis. Having Jacob home has given me time to think about my goals for this year and what my word is going to be.

Daddy and Girls

Have you seen other bloggers sharing their word for the year? I’ve decided my word for 2015 is going to be “notice”. And no, I’m not handing in my notice anywhere…

I want to notice more rather than rush through life and allow it to pass me by.

I want to notice a need and meet it.

I want to notice my girls as they grow and interact with each other.

I want to notice my husband more as he fulfils his role as a husband and father.

I want to notice more miracles.

I want to notice new and upcoming bloggers and encourage them to keep writing and run their own race.

I want to notice life around me rather than live insular and focus on myself.

2014 was an epic year for The Plumbette and I’ve been wondering how 2015 could trump it’s predecessor.

But I believe that a new year = new possibilities and I’m eager to see how the year unfolds.

Esther starts Kindy this year which is exciting and scary because I will need to be organized. I won’t be able to sleep in (which is till 7am) if Phoebe has kept me up the night before. I was hoping she’d be sleeping through the night by now but she isn’t. Fingers crossed she will sleep long stints at night soon. My concealer has been getting a good work out these last 6 months!

Esther has also started calling Magdalene –‘Mags’, which I think is cute. Magdalene responds to her new name as if she is someone important. She has so much sass it’s not funny. She turns two at the end of next month and I marvel at her vocabulary. She’s also learned the eye roll, which makes it super hard to discipline her when she’s done something wrong.


No doubt I’ll continue to have interesting conversations about what I do like last week when I caught up with my dad at McDonalds. It’s started to become a weekly ritual to have lunch and my Dad takes the older two to the playground.

While we were catching up, a Grandma with her two grandsons sat at the table next to us. She looked over at Phoebe who was sitting on my dad’s lap and told me how beautiful she was, as were my other girls. I said thank you.


She then asked if my husband was a plumber, which I thought was a peculiar thing to ask.

I told her no, he wasn’t, but I was, to which she tilted her head in surprise. I explained I wasn’t working because I had Phoebe 6 months ago. She then asked my dad if he was a plumber and he said yes, and that he wasn’t working because he was retired. He then added he wasn’t the father, and that the girls were his grandkids.

It was one of those awkward conversations that didn’t intend to be. I think the Grandma was trying to make small talk by suggesting I’d need a plumber for a husband to earn a lot of money to provide for my girls but she didn’t expect me to tell her that I was one.


Image Sourced
Image Sourced

On Sunday my story about becoming a plumber and writing this blog was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald. I was able to get a copy in Brisbane, but here it is online if you want to have a read. Thank you to those who did grab a copy for me as I will get in touch to send some them up to me. 🙂

Last year I had a few requests to be featured in the media and I’ve had to be upfront and explain that I’m on maternity leave and not on the tools at present. I don’t want to mislead anyone, especially when there seems to be a momentum of coverage on women succeeding in male dominant industries at the moment.

This year, I’m going to shift some of my focus onto the design aspect of bathroom and kitchen renovations from a plumber’s point of view. If you are a plumber or have recently renovated a bathroom/kitchen/laundry in your property, I’d love for you to send me before and after photos. I would love to feature them on the blog to show others your great work.

Of course I will also continue to share about family life. It seems the mix of plumbing and family posts is what keeps bringing you back.

Thank you for all your support in 2014. I’m looking forward to noticing more in 2015.

What’s your word for 2015? How has the year started for you?

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