Nice will always trump Nasty


Have you noticed the amount of negativity online recently? I’ve come across some antsy comments lately and I know I’m not the only blogger that has noticed it.

I sometimes think that people decide to leave their manners behind the moment they turn on their computer screen. Or when they thumb a comment using their iPhone or iPad.

I’ve been reading a fair few articles online lately and when I go to read the comments either on Facebook or the article itself all I see is a trail of bad mouthing the writer or the media site.

If you could publish a book with all your comments and interactions online, would it be a nice book to read?

I don’t think many of us realize the permanent footmark a bad comment can leave on a site. That’s why I choose my words wisely when leaving a comment on a blog post or article that I don’t agree with. We can all agree to disagree and there is a civil way of expressing your point of view without hurting the writer.

I got my first bad comment while I was away at Ballina last week. The comment was made on an article I wrote at the beginning of the year. It was an attack on a member of my family and I chose my words wisely to respond but didn’t give it the time of day to play with my emotions. The person didn’t use their real name but used their personal Hotmail account to register with Disqus.

I know some of you read my posts and would like to comment, but don’t because of Disqus, but I have this commenting system for a reason – to make it harder for spammers and haters to leave a comment.

I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and there are plenty of blogs online to be someone’s right brew, but don’t leave a nasty comment because you don’t like what you read.

It says more about you, than it says about me or the writer writing the article.

Nice will always trump Nasty. It’s a universal principle that we reap what we sow, so if we are only sowing nasty comments, it sows negativity in your heart and mind and  it’s a cycle that doesn’t create a pleasant frame of mind and this in effect, affects your life and the lives you encounter. One bad word can ruin someone’s day. Why not trump it and be the nice instead?

With the busyness of Christmas on our doorsteps let’s try to remember to be nice to each other even if we don’t agree with each other.

Have you noticed an increase in antsy comment’s lately? Ever experienced it on your blog?