Spending Time With God When You Don’t Have Time to Scratch Yourself

Spending Time With God When You Don’t Have Time to Scratch Yourself

In the last 6 weeks, I have had very little time to spend with God reading His Word and reading books on faith that encourage me and lift me up. Heck, I haven’t had much time to read my favourite blogs and keep up with the goings on on the internet. The latter is probably a good thing.

There are seasons in life when it feels like there is not enough time to get everything done that you’re supposed to. And since starting this job, I’ve tried to keep all my regular engagements, but things like getting up early in the morning to spend time with God have often been replaced with quick prayers and getting on the computer to sort out after school care for the kids or changing my super or writing articles for my regular clients.

I believe in having margins. Or blocked out time for fun and relaxation. But sometimes, when you navigate a big change it can be hard to even fit that in. Especially in our situation where we have two parents working full time, three kids that need to be rushed around to various places, plus the general household chores and paperwork that needs to be sorted. It can feel like there is no time for fun and the bed is the only beckoning place you want to be in because you’re so exhausted from doing all the above and more. So time for God can become non-existent.

It’s in those seasons when everything hits at once that time with God is placed down the priority list, however it should be placed at the top of the list because when life demands more from you, you need to rely on a higher source to get you through so you can give more of you to others.

Despite my busy schedule, I’ve been able to spend time with God, making use of my time where possible to talk to Him, listen to Him or read my Bible. I thought I’d share the ways I have been spending time with God when I have felt like I haven’t had time to scratch myself. Maybe you can do some of these to help you too, because I know I’m not alone with this.

spending time with God

1. Make prayer with God the first conversation of your day.

When I wake up at 5am, I lay in bed and thank God for another day and pray for the day. I know I can’t do what I do each day without His strength. So I pray. I continue this conversation throughout the quiet moments of the day – even before I get on the phone at work to take calls. I also pray in between calls when the phones are quiet.

2. Read the Bible during breakfast.

I’m usually on the computer scheduling social media posts or putting the finishing touches to articles while eating breakfast. But there have been other mornings where I have deliberately chosen to sit at the dining table with my breakfast and Bible open, ready to read a scripture or three to prepare for the day.

3. Worship during the drive to work.

If I had a choice between podcasts and music, music would win hands down, and so that is what I listen and sing to while I drive to work. It’s a 30 minute drive to the office. I spend most of that time listening to the words of the worship songs, singing and praying for people in my life. Right now my favourite song is this

4. Contemplate over memorised scripture.

Remember when you went to Sunday School and you were made to memorise Bible verses? Well depending on how well you went with that will determine how you go with this. Repeating memorised scripture in my mind allows me to dwell on the word and it certainly makes a difference to my spirit when I’m pushed for time and can’t get my hands on a Bible. Bringing those verses to my mind that I know off by heart can bring quiet reflection into my soul.

god quote scripture

5. Read a Bible that makes reading the Bible easy to understand.

When I’m pushed for time, but hungry for the word, I will read The Message. I’ve often found myself reading whole books of the Bible because I’ve found what I’ve been reading so interesting or moving.

the message bible

6. Spend larger chunks of time in the Word.

Sunday night is my time to spend reading the Bible. Even if the week has been super busy, blocking out an hour or more on a day that you can read the Bible will be beneficial for you and your relationship with God. For me Sunday night’s work as I’ve usually had a nap in the arvo and don’t feel so tired to be getting to bed early.

7. Don’t stop going to church.

It can be so EASY to stop going to church when life is busy and work is overwhelming. We didn’t go to church last Sunday because the weekend was full of engagements and I was super tired, but over the last 5 weeks, we have made a conscious effort to go to church – even over Easter. We don’t do this for brownie points or to ask for forgiveness for sins, we go because the worship, fellowship with other believers and sermons bring encouragement to our life.

8. Don’t feel burdened by spending time with God.

Spending time with God should be something we enjoy and want to do. It shouldn’t feel like an obligation. In saying that, we do have to make choices on how we spend our time. And we may not always feel like spending time with God just as we sometimes don’t feel like spending time with our spouse, kids, friends or time at the gym or whatever else that can sometimes feel like an obligation or too exhausting to do. But if we don’t make those choices to spend time on things that matter, we will find our relationships and health will deteriorate. The same can be said about our relationship with God. We need regular communion with God through prayer and the word. If we want to live the grand plans God has designed for our life, He won’t reveal it to us through Netflix (or maybe He might). But generally, watching TV hours on end won’t get us off the couch nor allow us to engage with others in our life. God wants our attention so He can also speak to us.

I hope this post encourages you to find snippets of time to spend with God. And my ways, may not be your ways. You may find other ways to spend time with God, and that is super ok. Just make sure you’re spending time with Him, because to live your best life, you need your creator to be part of it.

How do you spend time with God when life is overwhelmingly busy? What are your favourite verses to dwell on when life gets crazy?