The One Thing We Should Strive To Do This Year

the one thing we should strive to do this year

When the 1st of January 2018 rolled around, I had good intentions of making it my year to start working on my health, finances and general wellbeing. I wrote my list of goals and it ended up being two pages long. And then I had a few things unravel in the last month and I wasn’t so sure that those goals were going to be achieved. I felt overwhelmed with my list, and with the changes in my life, I had to be picky on what to focus on first. What was most important? Was I being too hard on myself to focus on so many things? Could I even pull them off now that some things hadn’t gone to plan so early in the year?

The mind races when things don’t go to plan. I go into fight mode and start hustling. But I’ve been sent so many words about being still, that it cannot be a coincidence. I truly believe it’s what I have needed to do in the last few weeks and needs to be a priority here on in as the year moves forward.

One week into the New Year, I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across this verse shared from a lady at church, which prompted me to stop and find the verse in my Bible.

The NIV and Message versions are slightly different. I loved the wording from my friend’s Bible which is the passion version.

Since being published on the 8th January, I have kept going back to this verse (I even shared it myself on Instagram) because in essence it’s the one thing we should strive for this year. It’s the one thing I want to strive for this year.

To put God first, not because I have to or because I should, but because I want to. And because I actually need to.

When He’s put first in my life, all areas of my life will align how they should. That wisdom I crave for will be given. That discernment I need will be heard.

By putting God first, I will be giving him the first of my time and attention, so I will be able to practice what I learn and my faith won’t easily waiver when things don’t work out. (like they did a couple of weeks ago)

We are living in times where God is not being put first. His ways are not being sought, and we are starting to question why there is so much ridiculousness in the world. We question why we have the leaders we do and why many of the pressing issues in our current time aren’t being addressed. God will not move if He’s not requested to. He gave us free will and it’s up to us to decide if we want Him to intervene or not.

Spending time in prayer, praying for the needs around the world and even within Australia is something I can do. It’s something we can all do.

I can listen and obey. And through my obedience, I know the immediate people in my world will benefit. They will get the words and encouragement they need in their day to do what they’ve been called to do because I’m doing my part. That’s why all of us should be pursuing our calling everyday, and checking in with God first so we know that what we are doing is what He created us to do.

If you are struggling like me to know what to focus on first this year, maybe make God your first priority. Because once that is pursued on a daily basis, you will get the discernment you need to know what to focus on next.

And you won’t regret the time spent with Him as He will direct your steps in a way that takes you further than if you had done the work without Him.