Three Nails And A Hammer

three nails and a hammer

What can be built with three nails and a hammer?

Not very much, my mind replies.

But that was all that was needed to kill an innocent man.

Three nails, a hammer and a cross.

Small things can impact one person’s life greatly.

Small things, like a pebble dancing across the tide, can have a ripple affect on many.

We’re told not to sweat the small things in life. But small things can alter a situation positively or negatively.

Small things can change someone’s life.

Here are some small things that can make a big impact – whether good or bad.

A hateful comment from a stranger.

A diamond ring in a blue box.


A planted seed.

A lone piece of LEGO in the carpet.

A thorn on a rose.

Inhaling the sneeze from a colleague who has a cold.

A kiss.

A splinter.

Chocolate chips in a cookie.

One cancer cell.

A Panadol.

A piece of egg shell in a muffin.

An o ring in a tap spindle.

No o ring in a tap spindle!

The key for your car.

An ingrown toenail.


A mouse in your house.

A blown fuse.

Baking powder.

A spark from a match.

Small things hold weight. They can make our lives better or worse.

A small thing can turn into a big thing if we don’t control it. And we don’t often understand it’s purpose until we reflect in hindsight.

The Easter message is one that is understood in hindsight.

It may be an insignificant holiday in a long year, but it’s a wonderful example of how small things, with the intention to destroy, were turned around and used for good.

It took three nails and a hammer to nail Jesus to a cross.

And yet God allowed those small things be part of the bigger picture. Our eternity.

It was a simple plan to use one to reconcile all to Himself.

I’m so thankful God could use those earthly tools, with intent to ‘finish’ and destroy, as a key part in the miracle for our eternal good.

three nails and a hammer not finished quote

What hope we can take from the Good Friday and Easter Sunday message!

God can use the little you have and turn it into something beyond your imagination.  Whatever the fragments. Whatever the pieces. They can be used for greater good even if you’re not sure how.

If He can do it with three nails and a hammer, just think what He could do with what you give Him.

Easter may have started with three nails and a hammer, but it didn’t finish there. Our salvation was built on what Jesus did on the cross on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Easter for 2019 may well be over, but don’t cruise through this long weekend not knowing how much God loves you. His intention was for peace and reconciliation. Who knows what God can do through you, if you let Him.

Happy Easter. xx