Undaunted and Fearless

undaunted and fearless

I want to live undaunted and fearless. I don’t want to second question a person’s reaction to me, I don’t want to fear failure or the consequences of what might be. Undaunted and fearless should be a mantra all of us should live by. I actually stole the words from The Message Bible in the book of Joel and they resonated with me.

Maybe they will resonate with you? I believe these words are fitting for everyone – especially women who are breaking into the trade as a career. Or apprentices who need a bit of encouragement to keep going.

Being undaunted means you won’t let bad treatment get you down. Difficult jobs won’t deter you into quitting.

Being fearless means you will arrive to work and face the challenge anyway.


Have you ever faced a job that scared you? For me it was on fixing a flashing on a roof. My dad told me too many stories of plumbers flying off a roof when the wind picked them and the metal sheet they were holding air bound. Working on a roof requires a harness now, but back in the good old days harnesses were a pain to work in. They’re not a pain if they save your life.

Anyway, any sort of roof project, I would swallow my fear of heights and just get on with the job. And interestingly when I focused less on my fear and more on getting the job done, the fear disappeared.

I’m not sure when my fear of heights began because when I was little, I loved going on rides that went really high or looking through the windows of Waterfront Place when I’d go to work with dad. I had little thought about the dangers, but as an adult, I can recognize the danger of what could be.

I don’t know what your life situation is like at present, but I hope that you can live your life undaunted and fearless. Whatever pressures are crushing you, you can still press on, without it impacting on your spirit.

When you are undaunted and fearless, you become unswerving and unstoppable. You are capable and skilled to push through your current circumstances. Feel the fear and only let it swerve you if you really are in danger. Most times our fears are based on what could happen and not what will.

Ever done a job that scared you? What was it and how did you complete it?