Own Your Unique Position and Giftings

own your unique giftings

I have always believed God places the right people at the right time in your life to counsel you and offer guidance and encouragement when you need it.

And lately, I’ve been having a few chance encounters and friendships that have been placed in my life at the right place and right time.

I kind of feel like I’ve written this before, but I want to acknowledge how much I value these friendships in my life and I recognise these as God coordinated friendships (whether the person believes or not) and certainly not coincidence.

I’ve been questioning myself A LOT lately. This year has been the year of questioning and pondering where I go from here. I’ve been questioning why I do what I do, whether I could be doing something better, and whether I’m wasting my potential by simply staying home being a mum to my kids and writing blogs. It hasn’t been smooth sailing juggling motherhood and a freelance career.

I’m quick to forget that for this moment in time, this lifestyle was carved through a desire to be home with my girls and to have flexibility in doing the simple things I always dreamed of doing with them. I’m sadly always eager to go ‘well, what’s next?’ Or when I don’t get paid, I’m like ‘right, time to get a real job and get paid a salary!’

And that’s where good friends come in to give perspective on my present situation.

This season juggling young children, before they head to school, is not one that should be rushed through. I am being the mum I envisioned I’d be, but the reality is a little different to what I thought it would be.

And that’s ok.

It’s also ok to dream new dreams and think a little bigger.

My dad recently reminded me that there is no other person like me. I’m unique and gifted and only I can do what I’m meant to do.

one thing you have

When God made each of us he gave us unique thinking and giftings that only we can decide to develop and use.

We all journey through life differently and our choices reflect what is important to us at the time.

My journey will look different to someone else’s, because no one else is me. Only I can decide how to steward what has been given to me, because no one else has my experience, knowledge or motivations.

It’s up to me to steward the experience, giftings and unique position I have, and put it to good use to the best of my ability.

And at the moment I think I am, but I don’t want to become complacent.

Right now, there is only so much I can handle and it comes down to what I treasure. I’ve decided I’m treasuring my kids. Even when they draw on the walls or tantrum on a live video on Facebook.

So wherever you find yourself right now – questioning where you should be in life, don’t downplay your uniqueness.

Rather than think about where you wish you could be, think about your unique position and giftings and how you can develop them better. And just own them. Own them and use them to your advantage.

What have you learned lately? Do you think you could develop your gifts further? What is one area in your life you’d like to improve in?

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