When Your Breath Smells Like a Toilet (And How to Fix it)

When your breath smells like a toilet

This post has been written in Collaboration with Robert Duhig Dental

Plumbers are notorious for creating smells while they work. Whether cutting into a sewer for a new connection or disconnecting a toilet or grey water pump that has remnants of last night’s dinner. (bleugh)

Some plumbers smell themselves because they’ve been covered in all manner of effluent.

The smells plumbers can control are their own bodily ones. Come to mention it, everyone can control their own body odour by practicing good hygiene – daily showers, antiperspirant deodorant under the armpits, wearing new undies every day, washing clothes when they reek, farting in the toilet (not always practical, but much appreciated) and brushing teeth to keep bad breath at bay.

But bad breath is not as easy to fix by just brushing your teeth.

Bad breath is caused by a number of different factors, and most people won’t tell you you have it unless they’re really close to you and can’t stand the smell that permeates from your mouth when you talk to them.

Bad breath is usually caused by a number of different scenarios which include:

  • Bacteria that likes to congregate in your mouth
  • Bad Oral Hygiene and Periodontitis
  • Dry mouth
  • Smoking
  • Eating food that has garlic, onion and/or spices
  • Reflux
  • Chronic Sinusitis
  • Tonsel Stones

It can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of bad breath. Until now.

Brisbane Dentist, Robert Duhig, offers a breath analysis through the use of the Oral Chroma (aka the Halicheck) which can pinpoint the cause of your bad breath. The Oral Chroma is a breath analyser that is 100 times more sensitive than the human nose. This new technology is helping dentists find the direct source of bad breath in patients, which allows them to tailor make a treatment plan.

Robert Duhig explains via his dental website how the analysis works:

The Breath Test is very simple and easy to do. We put a syringe (there is no needle attached) into your mouth while you breathe normally through your nose. It stays in your mouth for a minute then we suck up the Breath sample which is then injected into the Oral Chroma Breath Testing Machine. It takes about 5 minutes to analyse the sample after which we can show you the results and even print them out for you to take home.

The process is simple and pain-free.

If you suffer from bad breath and are looking for a gentle dentist who can handle and fix your bad breath, Rob Duhig Dental at Sandgate is the place to go.

For appointments or more information, head to the website. Don’t walk around worried your breath smells like a toilet any longer.

bad breath dentist

Robert Duhig Dentist is one of Brisbane’s few providers of cutting edge breath analysis using the Oral Chroma machine.  This state of the art machine measures chemical trace in your mouth to detect and target-treat bad breath problems. If you dread visiting the dentist, relax knowing the dentists at Rob Duhig Dentist will provide a gentler, friendlier dental experience for the whole family. 

Do you work or live with someone with bad breath? How do you keep bad breath at bay?

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