Who You Follow Matters

who you follow matters in a crisis

In times of crisis, who do you follow?

Whose voice are you drawn to when there is panic? When there is fear? When everything feels so heavy and hopeless?

I remember feeling all those feelings at once a few years ago.

It was stressful and burdensome. I felt like a failure because a number of things just weren’t working out.

That stressful time was a catalyst to change how I worked. But it took time to change my sails. I changed who I listened to because there were some voices who delighted in my misfortune.

The thing is when you change or start something new, everyone will have an opinion on it. Some of it is helpful, some of it comes from jealousy.

Opinions can come from a heart in the right place, and yet others from a dark place of lost dreams and disappointment. Who you follow and listen to matters in a crisis because it will either propel your forward, or cower you in a corner.

If I listened to the opinions of others throughout my life I wouldn’t have become a Christian, a wife, a plumber, a mother, a blogger, a writer and various other hats I’ve swapped and changed over the years.

If I listened to the opinions of others, I would have missed out on the best moments in my life.

Yet some opinions have also saved me from making terrible decisions which would have altered my life. It takes wisdom to know which opinions to listen to and which ones to abandon.

Who you follow matters because their opinion is the one you will listen to in times of crisis.

When jobs are lost, finances are dire, health is worrisome and loneliness is a daily experience, you’re going to crave a voice of wisdom who can calm the storm inside you.

Can I suggest you sift through your social media accounts and be ruthless in unfollowing opinions which aren’t helpful. If the memes are constant woe or you find yourself being continuously recruited into someone’s pity party, wisely decide if your presence is helpful, or if it’s causing more harm to you.

Social media can bring out the best and the worst in us. Question the purpose of what you view. Your mental state is so important right now.

The opinion I’m craving right now is Jesus. Not religion. Just Jesus.

I need his constant direction to know what to share on this blog, who I need to send an encouraging word to and to open my eyes beyond my current circumstances.

His opinion matters to me because He loves people. Had he not, he wouldn’t have given up his life for you and me.

I will give weight to the opinion of a man who put his life before others. I also give weight to opinions rooted in faith, rather than worldly wisdom. Again, it takes Godly wisdom to know the difference between the two.

To help you during a crisis, listening to faith filled words will uplift you. It certainly has for me.

If the thought of walking into a church has made you uncomfortable over the years, now has never been a better time to church hop from the comfort of your living room. Or your bed. With services streamed online, you can feed your soul with Godly wisdom and faith. Just Google search a church near you and check out their Facebook page or website.

Maybe this Easter Sunday could be the start of a new tradition where you feed your soul with hope. Where for the first time, you listen to the opinion of someone who has always held you in high regard and loves you passionately; whose words and plans have ALWAYS been to give you hope and a future.

Who you follow matters in a crisis, because it’s the voice you will listen to during a storm. And you want it to be a voice which will guide you, unhinged, as you navigate every aspect this crisis throws at you.

May you have a most blessed Easter. xx