8 Tips to Help Keep Your Home Well

rid your house of cold and flu

Whenever there is a change in season, you can be guaranteed a cold will come with it. And when one person brings a cold home, it’s only fair everyone in the home catches it because sharing is caring, right? Can you tell I’m being sarcastic? Colds SUCK. They really do. And despite my diligence with some of my prevention practices, I have had two bad colds this year. So I’m well acquainted with these cleaning tips to help keep your home well.

I have recently gotten over having a bad cold which developed into bronchitis and conjunctivitis which then turned back into a cold and I am now officially breathing through my nose and not coughing like crazy after two doses of antibiotics.

Whenever a cold is brought home by one of the kids or my husband, there are a few key things I do to try and prevent the spread. Sometimes its unavoidable.

If you’ve been cooped up with a cold at home, here are some tips to assist getting your home healthy again. I’m no doctor and PLEASE see a doctor if you can’t shake your cold or you start to feel worse.  These tips aren’t remedies and they won’t rid your house of cold, but they can help delay the spread of germs from one family member to another.

8 tips to keep your home well


Diffuse Essential Oils

These are my arsenal oils when someone brings a cold home. I love to diffuse essential oils in all the rooms and in my car.

essential oils for colds and flu

On Guard and Easy Air are placed straight into the diffuser. (I usually place 3 drops of each in the diffuser with water)

1 drop of Digestzen with Fractioned Coconut Oil is placed on belly buttons 3 times a day when green snot appears.

1 drop of Lemon, 1 drop of Frankincense mixed with fractioned coconut oil and applied to the throat and chest can assist with coughing. My mum gave me a roll on blend of Manuka oil (not pictured) and this with Easy Air on my feet gave me atleast 2 hours of respite while talking on the phones at night for work.

1 drop of Lime and 1 drop of Easy Air with fractioned coconut oil can be applied to the bridge of nose to help relieve a blocked nose.

All of these oils can be diffused at different times, depending on the needs of your family. If everyone is coughing, add Easy Air, Lemon and Frankincense to the diffuser.

If everyone has a blocked nose, diffuse Easy Air and Lime together.

If only one person has brought a cold home, diffuse On Guard which is known as the protective blend.

Open the Windows

If it’s not rainy or too cold outside, open the windows. The fresh air inside the home removes any airborne viruses lurking in the air. It flushes out stale air or stuffiness, which is not ideal when cooped inside the house with infected family members.

Change Pillow Cases and Air Out Pillows

Our pillows can accumulate over time with snot, saliva, dust, skin cells and makeup plus other nasties like dust mites. When colds hit the home, it’s ideal to change the pillow cases more regularly and air out the pillows. Check the date on your pillow and see if it’s time to replace it.

air out pillows

Also, give any European pillows an airing out. I usually use these to prop myself up at night so I can breathe easier when I have a cold. Any pillows that are used during the night when you have a cold should have the cases changed regularly and aired out too.

new pillows on bed

Clean Handles and Taps– Anything Hands Touch

When people blow their noses or sneeze into their hands, guess where their germs land? On anything that person touches. So think about the things in your house that are touched frequently with your hands. Think taps, door handles, light switches, knobs on chests of drawers – even the toilet brush handle! These should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly to prevent the spread of the cold in the house.

Replenish Soap in Dispenser and Hand Towel

Regular hand washing is a must when someone has a cold, so ensure there is soap in the soap dispenser and a fresh hand towel for drying hands.

Clean Your Toothbrush or Replace Your Toothbrush

After a cold, I usually replace the toothbrushes. After reading online about being more environmentally friendly, it’s encouraged to clean your toothbrush instead of throwing it away. I’m not going to judge what you do here, but just remember to do something with your toothbrush after you’ve had a cold. If you’d like a natural cleaner, add 2 tablespoons of water, and 4 drops of On Guard Essential oil in a glass. Let your toothbrush sit in this overnight and it will be ready to use again the next day.

Clean Your Basin Drains

This tip is gross, but it’s an important one which can benefit your family immensely.  When I had bronchitis, I was coughing up a lot of mucus, and often I would spit it out down our basin with some water. Consider cleaning your basin drains after someone has had a cold. Some bicarb soda, vinegar and a citrus essential oil can remove any bad odours and possible bacteria than can be breathed in when you’re brushing your teeth.

clean basin waste

Clean Your Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Filter

Anything that assists in the circulation of air in your home, should be cleaned and even sprayed with anti- bacterial spray. Ducted heaters and air conditioners circulate old air inside the home, so if someone comes home with a cold, their germs can be spread throughout the home through the ducts. It’s more common for people to catch a cold from touching items that have been touched by the infected. But it can’t hurt to clean the filter. It will make your system run more efficiently too.

When you’re feeling poorly with a cold, a full house clean won’t be an option. Rest is really important. If you do a few of the above, you can hopefully stop the cold being spread from one family member to the other.

What do you do to keep your home well? Got any tips  that may help prevent the spread of a cold between family members?