Baseball Family Day Out


A non-plumbing blog post.

When I was in junior primary school, the summer sport of choice was T-ball and I loved it. I wasn’t fabulous at it and in fact was always put on the ‘B’ team when my team competed against other schools. But I loved the camaraderie within the team when one of our own made a home run. As a runner, I really enjoyed the running aspect of the sport.  As I went on through primary school, T-ball was followed on by Softball and this was one sport I didn’t particularly do well in. I was hopeless at hitting the ball when someone threw it at me. Unco is the word that comes to mind when I think about my Softball ability… anyway….


My experience with these sports when I was younger didn’t deter me from taking my family to Hendra All Stars Baseball Club where we were invited by Baseball Queensland to try out the sport for ourselves.


Brisbane put on the best weather for a morning out on the field, where we could try basic ball throwing and batting exercises suitable for toddlers and up.


My Esther had to warm up a little before the program began and in beautiful toddler tantrum fashion threw herself on the ground because she wanted to go the Park across the road.  So I, (who was hoping to watch and learn, rather than jump into the action) got into the ball throwing and ball retrieving mode and really enjoyed myself. The tantrums unfortunately didn’t stop off the field. They surfaced on the field too when having to share the bat or being frustrated at missing the ball, but the staff from Baseball Queensland were so patient and friendly.


Our little family enjoying the Baseball exercises.
Our little family enjoying the Baseball exercises.
Practicing hitting the ball with a tennis racquet.
Practicing hitting the ball with a tennis racquet.
Being instructed on when to throw our balls. 
Being instructed on when to throw our ball.


Baseball was not one of the sports that I was thinking of offering as an option to Esther when she is old enough to play in a team sport. The most obvious choices are netball, tennis, soccer or gymnastics. But Baseball is in a league of it’s own because it’s a non-contact sport which means less chance for injuries and it’s a summer sport too.


After being out on the field and taking part in the same drills that the junior teams are put through, Baseball is definitely going to be offered as an option.


The summer sign on season is coming soon. If you’re not sure if your child would be suited or even interested in Baseball, why not attend the All Star Baseball Club open days which will be held at 12pm to 4pm on the 3rd, 4th, 10th & 11th of August. More information can be found on the Baseball Queensland website for a club that is nearest to you.


I have to thank Blog Power Events and Baseball Queensland for organizing our Baseball Family Day Out. We got to play in the sunshine and experience a sport I had deemed as more of a sport for boys than girls (and I’m a plumber…?).

If your child is super keen to give Baseball a go, why not head to the Blog Power Events Facebook page where they are holding a giveaway of 5 Awesome Little League Prize packages which include your Little League Club Fees paid for one year, a coaching session with a professional baseball coach, a baseball glove and a baseball.