Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers and Educators

Christmas gift ideas for teachers and educators

It’s around this time of year I start to collate Christmas gift ideas for teachers and educators who have made a difference in each of my girls’ lives. I know receiving a gift of appreciation is not expected and I also know some schools have banned gifts to be given to teachers. But my school isn’t one of them and I very much appreciate the time they have invested in my girls this year.

Christmas gift ideas for teachers

It’s going to be a sad end this year as I have loved my girls’ teachers. To be honest, they’ve been incredibly blessed with great teachers all throughout their life. But I have noticed Esther and Maggie have thrived with their teachers this year. Phoebe will also be leaving her daycare and heading to another Kindy next year. I really can’t believe how fast it has come around for Phoebe to head to Kindergarten. She was only a baby when Esther first went to Kindy.

Anyway, because we are heading away mid December, I have to be well organised for Christmas gifts this year. This post from last year is still valid for some gift ideas. But I also wanted to do up another gift idea post so I can share exactly what I gave Esther’s teachers last year that was really cool.

Now vouchers will always be the most valued gifts. It allows the teachers to replenish what they need for the next year or spoil themselves with something they’d love. When thinking about vouchers, consider stationery supplies like Kikki K, Office Works, Typo, Kmart, Target or Big W.

If stationery is not your thing, why not really go the extra mile and get the parents to put in to get a voucher to a clothing or footwear store (this is really for teachers whom you know well and have an idea where they shop already!). Some of my teacher friends love having supportive footwear when they are on their feet all day. So consider getting a group gift voucher to a Podiatrist Footwear Store like Frankie 4.

If it’s too hard to organise a group gift, another idea is to consider what local coffee haunts are near the school. We have a Zarraffa’s drive thru near our school. A gift card and their own takeaway mug would make an ideal gift for that morning coffee drive thru when heading to school.

For baking gifts, I always head to my friends’ websites – Create Bake Make and Bake Play Smile for some baked treat ideas.

And then I head to Etsy for handmade crafts. Last year I gave Esther’s teachers personalized stamps they could use the following year for marking.

christmas gift ideas for teachers and educators
Personalised Stamp example

For Phoebe’s daycare, I’m thinking a group gift of a plant that can be placed in the room or outside in the various reading nooks as she’s had a number of teachers throughout the year. But I did see another great gift idea in the Kmart Facebook Group page where the mum put together a stationery hamper so the teachers could grab pens, post it notes, travel coffee mugs and essentials to replenish for the following year.

If you have multiple gifts to buy, always stick to your budget. The more kids you have, the more expensive it tends to be so handmade or a small gift like a Christmas Decoration may be the way to go. Here are some cute ideas from Etsy that I found, including the personalized stamps I gave last year.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers and Educators

Christmas give ideas for teachers


1. Restore Grace Tan Long Weekend Tribal Reversible Hessian Pot Plant Bag from $19.95

2. Coco Press Designs Personalised Teacher Notes from $24.95

3. Amesbury Design Apple Button Earrings $11.00

4. Customised Classroom Personalised Stamp $15.95

5. Me Oh My Handmade Personalised Pencil Pot $10.00

6. Lupidupi Pencil Earrings $25.00

For more teacher gift ideas, check out Be a Fun Mum and The Organised Housewife.

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Do you buy gifts for your kids’ teachers? What Christmas gift ideas for teachers can you share that have been a hit before?

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