Clean Hands and a Clean Home – Dettol Review & Giveaway


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Congratulations Sandy Horsfall you’re the winner of the Dettol Pack.

Dad and I would often joke about having shares in Dettol. You see we had a habit of cleaning our hands with Dettol hand sanitiser after each and every maintenance job. We would remind each other to wash our hands as soon as we got into the ute. Sometimes we would douse our hands twice to make sure they were really clean – especially after a nasty job like disconnecting a toilet.

If either of us got a cut on our hands, we would rub some sanitiser over it which would sting like hell, but it assured us that it would kill any bacteria in the cut.

Nowadays, I use my hand sanitizer when I’m out and about with my girls whether cleaning their hands after playing on a playground or before they eat something if there is nowhere close by to wash their hands. I use it after every nappy change because most times the parent rooms aren’t always stocked with soap in the dispenser. I hate that.

At home, I am a bit anal about hand washing mainly because we have a dog and sometimes (actually most times) I’m not always sure where the girls’ hands have been. I have sometimes found Magdalene plunging the toilet brush down the toilet bowl hoping she hasn’t touched the other end of the stick before plunging. I have heard too many mums relaying tales of toddlers trying to brush their teeth with the toilet brush… makes me want to reach for that sanitizer…

I’m very particular about hand hygiene. My hand-washes have to be anti-bacterial . I use Dettol anti-bacterial hand-wash in the bathrooms and kitchen. The only downside to using anti-bacterial hand wash is that it doesn’t have a fragrance that is pretty. It might just be me, but when I wash my hands I like them to smell nice and I like to occasionally be surprised by a new fragrance.

Sensitive hand hygiene

Dettol has released two new hand wash formulas – Sensitive anti-bacterial hand wash and Revitalise with Raspberry and Pomegranate.

Hand Hygiene

While it’s important keeping our hands clean, it’s equally important keeping surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen clean too. The Dettol Power and Pure multi-purpose spray is a convenient cleaner because like it says, it can be used on multiple surfaces and uses active oxygen to deep clean grotty areas and it doesn’t leave a chemical residue like some commercial cleaners I use.

I used to make my own cleaners but I found overtime they were leaving a residue and sometimes they wouldn’t clean off stains from my kitchen bench. Dettol Power and Pure does what it says with little scrubbing.

Dettol Works

The Power and Pure comes in a trigger spray form or in a wipe form. Lately wipes have been a savior to me because if I need to clean a mess, I can quickly clean it up using a wipe. Dettol makes it easy for me to have clean hands and a clean home.

Dettol is kindly letting me giveaway one pack of their products.

1x Dettol Revitalise Antibacterial Hand wash with Raspberry and Pomegranate

1x Dettol Sensitive Antibacterial Hand wash

1x Dettol Power & Pure Triggers Spray

To enter the giveaway, please follow The Plumbette in some way whether following via Facebook, Twitter or signing up to my newsletter and then answer this question: Tell me a situation where you wish you had some santiser on hand to clean your hands? The most funny and creative answer will win the prize pack.

This is post has been written in accordance to my disclosure policy. I was sent 2 packs of wipes, 2 hand washes and a trigger spray for the purpose of this review.

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1.This is a game of skill. Each valid entry to be judged on creativity and originality, not by chance.

2. There is one prize: One Pack of Dettol Products which includes 1x Dettol Revitalise Antibacterial Hand wash with Raspberry and Pomegranate, 1x Dettol Sensitive Antibacterial Hand wash, 1x Dettol Power & Pure Triggers Spray.

3.Entries open from Tuesday 21st October 2014 6am Brisbane Time to Tuesday 28th October 2014 6pm Brisbane Time.

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