Does lemon juice get rid of mould?


A few weekends ago I won a massive box of fruit at Esther’s Kindy Market Bazaar Fundraiser. I was pretty excited to win the fruit because I was also holding a store to sell my jewellery and I hardly made any sales. The stall holder next to me made none so I was at least thankful to have made 1 sale and walk away $50 or more worth of fruit.

Included in the fruit box was a few lemons and I remember a reader telling me on Facebook that fresh lemon juice could get rid of mould.

Lemon Juice and mould

I had noticed that the outer rim of our bath in the girls bathroom had started to grow mould in the grout and I thought I’d give it a squeeze of lemon juice to see if it would really get rid of the mould.



bad tile grout

When it comes to natural cleaners, I have had mixed results. I have tried the whole bicarb soda and vinegar action and it’s not a cleaning routine I’ve maintained. Sometimes it’s cost me MORE than the Dettol or Spray and Wipe that I use because I often shake a whole box of soda in one cleaning project. Maybe if I sprinkled less I would get more bang for my money. I also like a nice clean smell and vinegar doesn’t give that to me at all. Since having Phoebe, I’ve had less time to make my own cleaning products, so I’ve resorted to buying them after getting good results from products that I’ve reviewed on the blog.

Anyway, mould can be a big problem in the shower and bath areas. I have often used Exit Mould but I hate the smell and have wanted to find an alternative natural cleaner that does the job. Hence my experiment with the lemon.

I cut up 1 lemon and squeezed the juice along the grout, pips and all and I read that I had to let it sit for 10 minutes.

Cut lemon


added lemon

lemon juice added


lemon juice sitting

My lemon juice sat their for probably half an hour because I had a few nappy changes and food requests and etc from the kids.

I used a damp cloth to clean away the juice and most of the mould went and the grout was a lot whiter than it was before.

clean but still mould


Before and after

Unfortunately there were still mould marks in the silicone section which means the mould is in the silicone and the only way to get rid of it is to remove that silicone and re apply around the bath. That’s not a job I look forward to.

So does lemon juice get rid of mould? Yes it does but only if the mould is on top of a surface as opposed to part of it.

Do you use natural cleaners to clean your house? How do you get rid of mould? Got any tips I can try for next time?

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