Easter Egg Flowers

Easter Egg Flowers

If you’re looking for an easy craft to make with the kids this Easter, with minimal fuss and mess, you have to make these Easter Egg Flowers.

Easter Egg Flowers

I love crafting with my girls. It’s my ideal way to play and spend time with my kids.

It’s unusual for the school holidays to start before the Easter long weekend, but it’s been ideal as we have been able to enjoy all the Easter festivities and craft.

I made these Easter Egg Flowers last year for a kids church activity. I used confectionery sticks with the kids to prevent stabbing injuries with the bamboo skewers (workplace health and safety comes first when working with kids!).

You can ascertain which sticks will work with your kids. The bamboo skewers are much easier for the kids to ‘spear’ their flowers and chocolate Easter Egg though.

Easter Egg Flowers

All you need to make these Easter Egg flowers are

  • Bamboo skewers/ confectionery sticks
  • Mini Solid Easter Eggs
  • Cupcake case liners of different sizes, colours and patterns
  • Blu-Tack
  • Scissors for cutting the liners

Easter Egg flowers ingredients

To make the petals

  1. Flatten each cupcake liner. Fold in half and then into thirds like a pizza segment.

Easter Flowers

2. Use scissors to cut a petal shape by rounding the edges.

Easter Petals

3. Open your cupcake segment to reveal a flower.

Easter Flowers

4. Layer your flower petals to create contrast.

Contrast flowers Easter

To make the Easter Egg Flowers

  1. Use a small amount of Blu-Tack to create a stopper on the stem (bamboo stick). The petals will fall down the stick otherwise.

blue tack on stem

Pierce each cupcake liner flower (larger first and then smaller liner).

Easter Egg Flowers

Easter Egg Flowers

Add your Easter Egg to the top of the stick. Make sure the kids don’t push too hard as it will split the egg. You will need to supervise this part to ensure no injuries!

Easter Egg Flowers

Easter Egg Flowers

If you are doing the work-from-home-school-holiday-juggle… or simply need an easy Easter craft to make with the kids, make these Easter Egg Flowers together. We had a ball of fun making these.

Easter Egg Flowers

Once a few flowers are made, you can put them on display around the house for Easter.

Easter Egg Flowers on Display

Easter Egg vase

My girls decorated the outdoor plant with their creations. They could also be used in an Easter Egg hunt outside. The skewers are firm enough to be staked in the ground. This may avoid finding lost chocolate eggs in the garden a year later. Haha!

Easter egg flowers

Easter egg flowers easter hunt

Easter Egg Flowers in Plant Pot

You could also group them together to give as a gift. A very cheap way to give out Easter Egg Gifts.

Easter Egg Flowers Gift

Do you like to craft with your kids? What Easter crafts do you enjoy making?

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