Essential Baby Equipment to keep mum sane and baby safe part II + Lumbar High Chair Giveaway


Before I had children and made any announcements of being pregnant, my grandparents offered me baby items that held a lot of history for our family. One of the items was a gorgeous high chair that could be converted into a rocking chair.

The chair was made by my great grandfather and many generations had used it including me as a toddler. The chair had been painted over a few times over the years and Jacob went about removing the paint to reveal the wood grain underneath.

Vintage High Chair

But he never got to completely finish the project because it was a big job and before we knew it we had Esther and thinking we had all the time in the world when she would arrive, we assumed we could get it ready for when she would start eating. Well when you have a baby, you have little time and the time you do have goes fast so we needed to use the chair despite it not being finished.

I couldn’t use the chair until Esther was at least 1 year old because of the big gap between the tray and her lap. She could have easily slipped through the space under the table and one day I found her hanging on for dear life because she wanted to escape out of the chair. There is a reason why baby products need to meet a safety code!

When I had Magdalene I persevered with the chair by feeding her in the bumbo when she was 6 months, and then when her thighs got too chubby to fit or she’d lean back wanting to get out, I would use our rocking chair which meant her legs would kick my arm, flicking food off the spoon. She still sits in the above chair for feeding because she fits quite easily still in it. Feeding time was a little frustrating in the beginning though because I tried to make our heirloom high chair work and it was more of a nuisance than a blessing.

Earlier this year I was gifted a Safety 1st Lumbar chair from Dorel Australia and it has solved all my feeding issues in one go. Phoebe has loved it. I have loved it and I wish I hadn’t persevered as long as I did without it.

Lumba High Chair

The key winners with this chair for me is a few things.

Firstly the tray can be brought forward towards your baby’s tummy which prevents less spilled food on the front of their outfit. Honestly, squashed up, dribble soaked food is such a gross discovery to find when you eventually take them out of their high chair.

The chair comes with a mess mat that is cleanable which prevents messing your floors.

horizontal high chair

The tray has a liner that can be removed and can fit into the dishwasher for cleaning.

It’s a comfy high chair and Phoebe enjoys it whenever she’s in the chair.

But it’s not just a great chair for feeding. It can be a great chair for activities too. I’ve found the in between crawling stage or even when they are crawling hard to find an activity where they will just sit and play. Put them in the high chair with some toys for a change and they will love it.

Sitting high

If you want to read about the features of the chair, you can have a look here.

For the fun part, I’m giving away 1 Safety 1st Lumbar chair and all you have to do is enter via Rafflecopter. You must like the Facebook pages in the widget for a valid entry and answer this question in the comments: Why do you need this high chair and what activity/toy would you give your child to keep them entertained in the chair?

Please feel free to share the giveaway with other mums.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was gifted a Safety 1st Lumbar High chair for the review. All opinions are my own. This post has been written in accordance with my disclosure policy.

Terms and Conditions

1.This is a game of skill. Each valid entry to be judged on creativity and originality, not by chance.

2. There is one prize: 1 Safety 1st Lumbar high chair worth $199.

3. Entries open from 12am Brisbane time Friday 27th March 2015 to Wednesday 8th April 2015 12am Brisbane Time.

4.Prize is not transferable or changeable

5. Prize sent out by Dorel will not be replaced in the event it is stolen, lost or damaged in transit or virtually.

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