What to do and Where to Stay in Alstonville With Kids

Stay in Alstonville With Kids

If you’re looking for a country escape from Brisbane, Alstonville is a quaint town to visit and is only a 2 and a half hour drive south of Brisbane. I thought I’d share where to stay in Alstonville with kids as we recently went back for a family funeral. I didn’t want the trip to just be about the loss of a much loved family member, I wanted it to also be time spent with their grandma and making memories, despite the circumstances.

Jacob grew up in Alstonville and has family living in Ballina and surrounds. We usually try to stay in Ballina as it is closer to family, beaches and offers more variety in accommodation choices for families.

But with the unexpected and sudden passing of Jacob’s grandma and being school holiday season for QLD, accommodation listings were quite pricey and limited for our family of 5.

I extended our search to surrounding areas for last minute booking ideas.

To make the most of our time with family, I booked at the Alstonville Country Cottages. The views from our cottage were amazing, and Phoebe got to spend time talking to the animals, which guests can visit while they stay onsite.

I also loved how the second bedroom had three beds for each our girls to sleep in. Often 2 bedroom apartments have a sofa bed configuration.

Most families will find more to do in Ballina than Alstonville. For our day out and about we visited Summerland Farm House, which was known as the House with no Steps.

It’s a great place to have lunch, browse the gift shop, grocer and nursery and get the kids to play in the playground. There is a museum, farm and ride tour you can book before your visit, mini golf, water park and more. We came for lunch and were happy to walk around the property.

Summerland House Farm

family lunch at Summerland Farm House

Summerland House farm Veggie Stack

Summerland Farm House

summerland farm house museum

Summerland Farm House Phone Box

Summerland Farm House Chickens

We spent a couple of hours out there, before checking in to our accommodation.

Alstonville Country Cottages

When we arrived, Phoebe was the only one interested in seeing the animals, so we left the older two girls with grandma in the cottage.

Alstonville Country Cottages

Phoebe got to pat and talk to the kids and say hi to the horses. The grounds are beautiful and the perfect place for families to stay in Alstonville.

animals Alstonville Country Cottages

Alstonville Country Cottages

Bec at Alstonville Country Cottages

Dad and Phoebe Alstonville

Horses in Alstonville

Family farm Alstonville

Alstonville Country Cottages view

The next morning we had breakfast at Orio Patisserie and Café, which is first café on the corner of the main street of Alstonville.

Breakfast at Orio Alstonville

The breakfast did not disappoint. Maggie and Phoebe were delighted to get pancakes topped with Persian fairy floss. My eggs benedict was fabulous too.

Phoebe with Fairy Floss Pancakes

Places to Visit With Kids in Alstonville and Ballina

Alstonville is a 10 minute drive from Ballina.

There aren’t a lot of things to do in Alstonville, other than visit Summerland House Farm and take in the beautiful scenery when driving out.

There is a lot more to do in Ballina. Every time we head to Ballina, we do something new and fun in Jacob’s old home ground. Here are some places to check out with kids.

10 Attractions to Visit With Kids in Alstonville, Ballina and surrounds

Summerland House Farm (Alstonville)
• Macadamia Castle and Animal Park (Knockrow)
• Get a photo in front of the Big Prawn
• Killen Falls Drive
• Visit Crawford Falls
• Visit the Ballina Light House
• Drive out to Byron Bay – visit beaches, Lighthouse and shops
• Have breakfast/lunch at Lennox Head
• Have a picnic at Lake Ainsworth
• Visit Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil

Ballina Big Prawn

Family Accommodation in Alstonville and Ballina

We’ve stayed at a number of hotels in Ballina. Here are the family accommodations I recommend

Alstonville Country Cottages
Ramada Resort
Ballina Traveller’s Lodge
Ballina Lakeside Holiday Park

Couples Luxury Accommodation (where we stayed pre-kids)

Ballina Manor

It’s a relaxed lifestyle in Ballina and Alstonville, which makes it the perfect place to unwind with kids for a long weekend.

Ever been to Alstonville with kids? Can you recommend any attractions to visit in the area?