Five Steps to Keep your Toilet Gleaming


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If there is one place in the house that we try to keep clean constantly it would have to be the toilet. The bowl needs to be white and shiny. No drips on the seat. The room and toilet itself should be odourless  and splatter marks should be scrubbed so the next person doesn’t see the left over crime scene. I say if you splatter, clean the matter.

I’m pretty stringent when it comes to having a clean toilet. And I try not to judge the toilets that I service, but I have seen every shade of green and brown and most are caused from mishaps or bad aim, but generally it’s from bad cleaning routines or lack there- of.

If you have kids, especially ones that are toilet training, the toilet may need to be cleaned constantly. So here are my Five Steps to Keep your Toilet Gleaming.

five steps to keep your toilet gleaming1

  1. Starting with the outside of the bowl, this is the area that is most forgotten when cleaning a toilet. Put your head under and around the back of the toilet pan and you will find a covering of dust, hair and heaven forbid green yellow dribble stains. I think you can guess what they are. For a fast and efficient clean around the toilet bowl, use an easy toilet wipe. Harpic White Shine Flushable Toilet Wipes are the way to go. One towel will do the trick to clean off all that grime. Please note that despite the wipes being flushable, you shouldn’t flush these down the toilet as they will make out water treatment systems work harder in removing waste from the water.
  2. Lift the toilet lid and have a look inside the bowl. Toilet cleaners are great at giving the bowl a quick clean and keep odours at bay, but occasionally there can be grime or calcium build up at the edges of the toilet bowl.  A bathroom product that can clean this out needs to be hard working. Harpic Oxi-Action Bleach Crystals can be shaken around the bowl, left for 10 minutes while it foams up and does it’s thing and then can be scrubbed away with the toilet brush to reveal a pure white toilet bowl. For harder stains, the crystals can be left in the toilet bowl overnight.
  3. While the toilet lid is up, clean the rim of the bowl and under the toilet seat with another toilet wipe. This is where the most common splutterage occurs.
  4. Continue to clean every surface of the toilet seat. Use a different towel or surface of the towel when cleaning the seat. You don’t want to contaminate the surface with bacteria you wiped from the previous surfaces.
  5. Wipe over the toilet cistern and buttons. The buttons of the cistern contain the most bacteria because once one wipes, they then use the same hand to flush!

After I’ve cleaned the toilet I spray some Eucalyptus or Lavender Oil to infuse a clean and fresh smell.

Have you got anything to add? What is your toilet cleaning routine?

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