Five Toilet Aim Styles


Keeping your toilet clean can be hard if you have little kids – especially if you have boys in the house. I haven’t had to toilet train boys but I have serviced enough toilets in households that have sons to know aiming straight is a skill. For some it’s a skill yet to be grasped. This is my list of five toilet aim styles.

First up we have Mr Squiggle. Their intention is in the right place and the outline of the toilet makes it obvious where the picture should be filled in but the strings are a bit sloppy. Sometimes the fill in part happens outside the toilet.  At least Mr Squiggles have their nose in the right place. 😉

The second aim style is the Coffee Perculator. They drip on the seat or the floor and walk away. Coffee Perculators can be both male and female. Drips cause stains and odours! If you see a drip, clean it quick!

The third aim is the rebound style where the top lid of the toilet is the target with the flow rebounding back into the bowl. Most often it doesn’t rebound and the wee pools behind the toilet seat where it sits and festers into green slimey stain. Gross. Rebounds are best left on the basketball court.

Five toilet aim styles1

The fourth aim is one that causes the most damage: the fire hose. As everyone knows, a fire hose will aim everywhere and anywhere if not held securely. You know you have a fire hose aimer because the evidence will not only be on the floor and the toilet, but also on the walls… and possibly the window shelf too.

The fifth and last aim is the bullseye and every mum wants all their aimers to be one of these. Bullseyes are straight-in-ones. No hosing around and no drips. Just straight shooting to the bowl and NO MESS.

So there are my five toilet aim styles. Can you relate to having any of these in your home? Can you think of any more? 🙂

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