Go with the flow


When I was pregnant with my first baby, friends who’d already had their first were telling me that babies change your life. At the time I thought ‘well duh, of course they do,’ but it wasn’t until I had my baby that I realised the life my husband and I had known pre-baby was pretty much never going to be the same again. Well, at least for a long while…

Indignantly I would reason in my head that ‘I’ll be fine with the nighttime feeds and that breastfeeding would be easy because isn’t that why women had boobs in the first place?’ (Although, some men would disagree…)

I was used to being up early for work as a plumber, so being up at 3am to console a baby was going to be much more joyous than being woken up by an alarm telling me to get ready for work. Or so I thought.

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