Have a break, have a Potato Stix break #snackosphere Healtheries & Voices of 2014


I am a chocoholic. Esther and Magdalene have also inherited my love of chocolate. It’s a treat that I indulge in daily, and one they get given weekly.

When it’s time for a break from craft activities or playing outside, my daughter’s do tend to crave savoury snacks over sweet ones.

Me – I could go either. Sometimes both at the same time.

I’ve mentioned before my love of convenience foods for my girls and it has been even more imperative to have packaged food on hand while looking after a baby. These last few months have seen me sitting on the couch breastfeeding Phoebe, which has meant I have needed to be organized with morning tea. Sometimes I do great and offer a selection of foods, but on the days that I’m not so organized, a snack that is already portion controlled and has no need to be prepared is what saves me.

You can bet that as soon as I’ve sat down to feed Phoebe, Esther will complain she is hungry. I tell her to wait until morning tea or lunch depending on how close either meal is.

But Magdalene at 21 months doesn’t have the best of patience. I caught her helping herself to the Healtheries Potato Sticks that were easily accessible from the middle shelf of my pantry.

Magdalene and Potato Stix

Checking out Potato Stix

Esther would have gravitated to the fridge for an apple, but Magdalene loves her savoury snacks and will opt for the pantry. She prefers her apples cut up anyway as opposed to trying to eat one whole.

At home, it’s important to teach my girls to choose the healthy foods over the sugary and fat laden ones. The only way to do this is to eat a healthy diet myself and only have nutritious food at arms length in the pantry and in the fridge. I learned this the hard way when a packet of Cadbury Favourites disappeared and were devoured by my two little princesses. The evidence could be seen on their lips and by their sugary high behavior at dinner that night.

Out of all the Healtheries snacks, the Potato Stix would have to be my favourite. They’re the texture of a cruskit, with a light seasoning in a stick form. They are moreish but I limited myself to one pack because I am trying to lose my baby weight.

Can you open for me

Easy Packs

For me, it’s been great to find a snack that I can eat and not feel guilty about. The chocolate is still one of my favourite, unhealthy go to snacks, but while I’m trying to lose some weight, when I have a break, I choose to have a Potato Stix Break.

Having a break Potato Stix

What foods do you like to eat when on a break? Do you prefer savoury or sweet?

Disclosure: This is my third entry into the Kidspot Voices of 2014 #snackosphere challenge.  You can read my first post here and my second post here. As part of the challenge, I was sent a box of Healtheries chips to try and review.  All opinions are my own.