If I Just Get Through This…

if I just get through this

It’s been 7 months since I started my new job and I’m quite amazed at how this year has unfolded for me. No week is the same. In fact, every week is different as my shifts could be at night, on the weekend or during the day. I’ve learned to embrace each week as it comes. There are some weeks where my shifts are great and work in well with family life, and then other weeks where my shifts are grouped together, finishing late at night. I tell myself ‘If I just get through this…’ I will be rewarded with a few days off to focus on other work or having a rest. I often struggle with the latter.

Take last week as an example. I did two shifts in one day which meant I worked from 9am to 10pm last Monday to help a colleague out who had Uni exams. She was also helping me as she could take one of my shifts during the week which would allow me to have 5 days off in a row.

Those 5 days gave me time to get posts ready for Christmas. Like this one for Be a Fun Mum. And spend time with Phoebe as she loves hanging out with me at home. We’ve only got another year of this left before she heads to Prep…

me and phoebe
Me and my Phoebe.

The thing is last week wasn’t an isolated week where I thought ‘If I just get through this…’

I had the same thoughts over the second week of the school holidays when I had bronchitis and thought I hadn’t accrued any sick leave. I pushed myself to work my shifts, coughing and sometimes removing my headpiece with tears rolling down my eyes as my coughing wouldn’t remove the tickle in my throat.

That same week I pushed myself to go to an all day kids’ event at church so that Phoebe wouldn’t miss out because she needed a parent to chaperone her. It was another week of ‘If I just get through this…’

The reward would be that I had survived. I had gotten through the busiest part of the week and could relax, with no expectations beyond those within my home.

So far, my rate of getting through things has been successful. It might have taken me 4 weeks to get over being sick, but I got through. It wasn’t until I had a meeting with my leader that I found out I had 3 days of accrued sick leave I could have used!

But that is what we do as mums. We push through. Sometimes we have no other choice but to keep on keeping on.

This week I’ve had the same thought go through my mind, ‘If I just get through this’, as it’s a week of events, plus late night shifts and a school meeting bang in the middle.

While I’m not wishing away the days, because I genuinely enjoy what I do, I still struggle with the juggle of raising a family, working a part time job and running a business. The organisation needed for me to work requires me to be super organised. And this in itself can be exhausting!

All I can do is take one day and one week at a time. I will get through this, whatever ‘this’ ends up becoming. I’ve proven it time and time again. I can cope through busy periods, so long as I know there is a period of rest or a worthwhile result in the end.

Do you ever have thoughts of ‘If I just get through this’? How do you manage busy weeks?