I’m Officially a School Mum

I'm officially a school mum

I’m now officially a school mum since my little Esther started school last week.

It doesn’t feel so long ago she was a babe in my arms. Back then, school was the furtherest thought from my mind. I was consumed with when she would sleep through the night, when would she crawl? When would she walk? It felt so long before the time for kindy and school would arrive.

Esther at 4 weeks old

And then I blinked and suddenly we were getting ready for school.

Reading to Esther when she turned 1.

I’ve been excited for a while with this new season. Esther has been more than ready for school and the anticipation of starting school built as we went to buy her books, backpack, lunchbox, school uniform and shoes. I’ve found the whole preparation part fun, even if it has drained my bank account. Thank goodness the uniforms will get multiple use from her younger sisters.

Last Wednesday morning we went as a family to see Esther off to her first day of school. Esther’s school is literally around the corner from our house, so I am guaranteed exercise twice a day, 5 days a week. With the heat, I’ve been a sweaty mess by the time I’ve arrived at school, and when I’ve pushed the pram home. The days have gone fast and I’ve been exhausted at night. It will be interesting to see how I go with a full week of school. I’m just glad I don’t have to fight for a car space or wait in the drop off zone.

Walking to school, Jacob took this photo without us knowing.
Walking to school, Jacob took this photo without us knowing.

Esther’s up for the challenge for a full 5 day week. School is the best thing that has ever happened to her and her first day was the best day of her life. Even better than Christmas.

esther placing bag on rack

When we took Esther to her classroom, there were no tears, just a lot of smiles. After we left, I realized I don’t get teary about new beginnings, but I definitely get sad and sentimental with goodbyes. And even though I was saying goodbye to my little girl as I left her in the classroom, the excitement of the new season pulled stronger and I didn’t feel sad at all. Maybe it will change when Phoebe goes to school.

Esther Drawing at School


Esther and Bec at School


Bec with Kids at School


Fave photo from the day
Fave photo from the day

By 2pm, we’re raring to go pick her up. It’s exciting to find out how her day has gone and to hear what she has learned. This new season is a happy one for all of us.

After her first day, she told me she hadn’t made any friends yet and I explained it would take time to get to know all the kids and there would be plenty of time to make friends.

It’s also been funny to hear her talk and explain different things at school.

On Friday she told me she made her first friend at school. It was a boy and she couldn’t remember his name but he had spiky hair. And then when we went past the school principal she nodded her head and said ‘he’s the big boss of the school’.

The transition to school has been a smooth one for Esther.

As a new school mum, I’ve been a bit too eager with her lunchbox. I’m not sure if I will be able to maintain the high standard I started with. Jacob’s work colleague got a glimpse of the photo I took of Esther’s packed lunch (of course I took a picture, but have chosen not to share it) and she joked that will change by the time all three of my girls go to school.

These two have each other to play with while their older sister is at school.
These two have each other to play with while their older sister is at school.

I can’t even imagine that far into the future yet. Best to keep my eyes open and make the most of the days before Magdalene goes to Kindy next year. This year is going to fly fast.

Have you joined the school mum status yet? How did your kids enjoy their first week back at school?

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