Just Be


Do you sometimes feel so organized, you wished that someone else could live your life and take your brain for one day so you can rest?

Being a mum is so tiring. I’m grateful that I am a mum, but the ball juggling can be so draining and the arms and brain can only manage so much.

I have found that my mind rarely stops now that I’m a mum. I’m always managing my time and trying to be as efficient and as organized as I can so that I can get everything done that I need to. I sound like a business owner. I’m one of those too.

But then there are moments where I get overwhelmed and can sit for 20 minutes feeling overwhelmed by my overwhelmedness (I know no such word but you get my drift) to then feeling guilty that I wasted 20 minutes thinking about my to do list and not doing a thing.

Can anyone relate? You must be a working parent too?

It’s tough isn’t it? And yet, I wouldn’t change my life for one moment because I thoroughly enjoy most parts as well as the beautiful people in it. So how do you make more time? You don’t. You just have to manage it better and work out what really works for you.

My time is limited to getting work and certain aspects of blogging done during the day so I try to organise writing at night after my daughters have gone to bed. I find I also work really well first thing in the morning but I just haven’t got the hang of willing my body to get out of bed before pressing the snooze button.

Now that I’m a parent I’ve questioned myself on what I did with all of my time before I  became a mum. But I do remember a few times where I had nothing to do and wished I had a child to play with or a baby to cuddle.

Now that I’m a parent, I wish I could get some of that free time back so that I can be more efficient. But just letting myself be is just as valuable.

Giving my mind a rest is so important. I know that I can fully rest my mind when I have been organized and gotten part of my to do list done. But sometimes the list will have to wait because if the mind gets too overworked and the soul feels too overburdened, I’m hurting myself and I’m not being the person my little family needs me to be.

So learn to just be. Rest the mind. Write down everything you need to do so that you remember to do it later and sit down so you can just be.

Have you ever let yourself just be? How do you quiet your mind now that you’re a parent?


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