Kids and Planes

Phoebe and I just before take off.

I’m back. I had a short blog break because we went away to Adelaide for 5 days to spend time with one side of Jacob’s family. Two of Jacob’s brothers hadn’t met Magdalene yet and they hadn’t seen Esther for 2 years.

Going away on little trips with a 3 year old and a 9 month old can be fun but tiring. Both girls were so good. I mentioned on Twitter last night that if you have a fear of flying, take a baby with you because you’ll soon forget your fear and you’ll be focused on keeping your baby calm.

There was a certain level up in the air where Magdalene’s ears were affected or she simply didn’t like it because she started to winge. Thankfully, everyone around us on the plane were happy to interact with her and as soon as a new face played peek-a-boo between the seats, my gorgeous girl was all smiles and laughs.

I was mentally exhausted though after both plane rides. Gone were the days of sitting back in the chair, watching a movie with headphones and flipping through the Qantas magazine.

The Qantas flight hostesses couldn’t have been more helpful. On the flight down all the hostesses would stop to talk to Magdalene and Esther.  At one point one hostess took Magdalene to the back of the plane to interact with the rest of the crew. I didn’t mind at all and Magdalene was happy for the change of scenery.

Esther behaved brilliantly. She freaked me out at one stage when she pointed out of the window ‘Mummy, there’s another plane’, to which I quickly zoomed my head and could see another plane flying in the opposite direction a fair distance away from us. She doesn’t miss a thing that kid!

Towards the end of the flight to Adelaide, Esther needed to use the toilet and so I took her up to the back to squeeze both her and I into the cubicle. My first thought was how do the high mile club have enough room to do other acts in that room? The thought crossed my mind for a second because as soon as I flushed the toilet, the loud ‘whoosh’ sound frightened Esther and we were out of there pretty quick. As she walked back to her seat she said in a loud voice so all the other passengers could hear ‘Mummy, that toilet is scary!’ She held on for the flight coming home.

And home we are. I’m ready to tackle washing and catch up on sleep. I’m typing away and both girls are still in bed. I had a few tears down in Adelaide as I watched my girls play at the local park or interact with their uncles and grandparents.

I’m so grateful for being a mum and having two beautiful girls to parent and love. There were moments where I would stop and look at my little family of four and be overcome with emotion that God had blessed me with this.

When we landed in Brisbane, an older couple who sat in front of us turned to me and said ‘your girls were so well behaved. You must be so proud. Well done mum on a job well done.’ I may have had tears well up in my ears after that comment too.


Tell me, have you travelled on a plane with young kids? How did it go?

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