We Made it – And That Was The Last School & Kindy Week of 2017

we made it 2017

We made it. This week has been quite epic. With my eldest two finishing Kindy and School, and Phoebe going to her first Daycare concert (which turned into a disaster and had a lot of tears) I’m quite glad that it’s Saturday and we can all start to relax a little.

So where to start?

On Monday, Maggie had her second last day of Kindy which was to be water play day. While I was signing Maggie in, Phoebe thought she’d get in on the action, and stripped down NUDE and started sliding down the slip n slide. There has never been a nudie rudie at water play day at Kindy. But Phoebe made its first debut.

That night it was the last Kindy Committee meeting for the year, done over a Thai dinner. I don’t think I have laughed so much with other ladies on the committee. While the volunteer position took valuable work time away at night (only once a month – but still usually landed in a week when I needed to get a lot of work done), it was a good experience and some great friendships have been made. The best part of volunteering is making new friends. If you are ever lonely and want to make friends, volunteer at your local kindy/school/church/sports club – anywhere and I can guarantee it will be life changing for you.

Tuesday was my busiest and chaotic day. We had Esther’s concert at school to go to first thing in the morning, then Maggie’s Kindy party and graduation.

Esther and Maggie

maggie graduating from kindy

From there we had a bit of time to kill, so I took Maggie to get her nails painted and I got a pedicure. She was like a pig in mud. This was followed by a sushi lunch, just her and me together. It’s rare to get alone time with the middle child, so Maggie lapped it up. That afternoon, we headed to Prep orientation. And then the usual school and daycare pick ups.

Maggie and Bec getting nails painted

On Wednesday I had a business meeting which will see some exciting developments in my work. I will keep you posted about this because it’s pretty incredible how it came about. Esther found out who her teachers are for next year.

On Thursday… we experienced our first spew in the car. Phoebe brought up her breakfast and my plans for that day had to be wiped (as did the car!). Thankfully, the spew was contained all over Phoebe, her car seat and seatbelts. It got a thorough hosing, and I used lemon essential oil and vinegar to remove the vomit  and smell from the seatbelts.

At first I thought it might have been something she ate. And then when we went to get groceries later that afternoon (cause we had no bread and chocolate – emergency times!) she threw up again. I am so glad I had the foresight to bring an ice cream container just in case. The poor pet was sick in aisle number 4. It was one of the quickest and possibly cheapest grocery shops I’ve ever done with kids.

Thankfully, it was only a short bug, as by Friday morning, she was her normal self.

Last night we headed to her Christmas concert and the poor pumpkin had no idea why she was placed in front of so many people. She burst into tears, mid performance, and a quick look at mummy and she came running to me so I could whisk her away. Getting her face painted and eating McDonalds nuggets and fries helped recover from the moment.

Phoebe the butterfly

maggie with face painted

And that was pretty much my week in 600 words or less. I feel tired but relieved. A little excited too, to go and do some fun things with the kids on holidays. There are Christmas lights to see, Christmas baking and craft to make and our annual tradition of going into the city to see the Christmas parade.

How did you go this week? Are your kids on school holidays yet? What plans have you got for the holidays?