Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2014


My dad never forgot Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, his Wedding Anniversary or his wife’s (my mum’s) Birthday when I worked for him. I would always remind him about a couple of weeks before the said event and ensure that he had a gift already thought out and a card.  He would generally leave it the day before to buy a gift and I would mark in my diary in amongst the plumbing jobs of the day to get dad to a shop to buy something for my mum.

While I was great at reminding my dad of the date and event, he didn’t need any help in purchasing a gift. Most times I would sit in the truck or go and do an errand while he would browse at a jewellery store and pick something out for mum. There were times when dad would say ‘Your mother said we aren’t doing gifts this year’, and I would shake my head and say ‘No, you are still going to get her something.’ And he did. 🙂

When I was working with our commercial plumbers during my apprenticeship I would ask the plumbers if they had bought something for their wives for Christmas or Mother’s Day. You see the tricky thing about Mother’s Day is that children are the ones that want to put a gift together for their mum but they need their dad to take them shopping.

So since I’m not working and my analytics tells me I have more men reading my blog than women, I am going to do you a favour and remind you that you have just over a week to organize a gift for your own mum and your wife if she is a mum. Mother’s Day is on Sunday the 11th May and I have put a gift guide together and the most expensive item is $165.

As a side note, Mother’s Day is a day where mums are appreciated for what they do through out the year. This is not a time to feel pressured into consumerism, but a gift and a card is a lovely way to bless a mum.  And a sleep in, breakfast in bed… sorry I’m getting carried away with myself.

Here is The Plumbette’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2014

The Plumbette's Mothers Day Gifts 2014

1. Home is where my mum is Tea Towel $24.95 Hard to Find

2. Pastel Rose PJ Set $99.95 Peter Alexander

3. Bed Socks $14.95 Sussan

4. Mercer + Reid Shiloh Throw Rug $69.95 Adairs

5. MUM Chocolate Freckle $6.95 Lark

6. Plunger Wine Stopper $9.95 Australian Gifts Online (partner this with mum’s favourite bottle of wine or non-alcoholic beverage)

7. Japanese Cherry Blossom Picnic Case $49.95 The Body Shop Australia  

8. Eco Vessel Hot and Cold Water Bottle with tea strainer $34.95 Shop Naturally

9. Shimmer Sequin Ugg Boots $165.00 Down that little lane

10. Neckwarmer #26 $50.00 Erin Louise

11. Tahiti Jade Teething Necklace and Bangle Gift Set $50.00 Tiny and I

12. Mum Gift Bath Treats $39.95 Lush

Have you got a gift ready for Mother’s Day? If you’re a mum what takes your fancy from my gift guide?